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I know there are countless blogs out there on how set up a trial HANA instance in the cloud but I could not find a place that showed me all the parts together.  Here is my attempt to do that...

I recently took the Open SAP course Software Development on SAP HANA (Delta SPS 09, Repeat) by Thomas Jung and Rich Heilman.  It was a great and very informative class.  In order to do the assignments you need to build your own HANA instance.

SAP allows you to do this with a trial version and they have partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the hosting.  SAP does not charge for the HANA instance but AWS does charge you for the cloud space. 

1.)  Register at SAP SCN to obtain your SCN Account number.  You can find your account number by going to your SCN profile and clicking on the expand triangle next to your name.


2.)   Set up an account with Amazon Web Services.  Click on "Sign In to the Console"  and sign in with your existing credentials that you shop with or create a new account. 

From the Console go to the IAM Section - Identity and Access Management

Inside the IAM you will need to create your user and obtain the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key that will be needed for your CAL account.


This user will have the authorizations to manage your AWS settings.  You can manage the user's authorization and add the user to authorization groups if you would like.  However, all we need of this user is to obtain the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.  Make sure you download the credentials because you will not have another opportunity to view them.  This user, through its credentials will link your AWS cloud to your CAL HANA instance.

You will want to create a password if this user will need to access AWS.

The User must be assigned several policies in AWS so that your CAL account can be created with the proper Authorizations:

      • AmazonEC2FullAccess
      • AmazonVPCFullAccess
      • ReadOnlyAccess
      • AWSAccountUsageReportAccess


         If you have any questions on setting up your users in AWSCAL User Setup for AWS FAQ

3.)  Install Eclipse on your PC.  Eclipse is one of the tools used for HANA development.  Download and install Eclipse (Luna version) – also free.  Instructions for downloading eclipse, Note that LUNA is not the most current version of eclipse but it is the one you will need.  If you follow the link to download Eclipse you will get the following message that Luna is not the most recent version of eclipse, ignore this and click on download.


Select the following Eclipse IDE:

Eclipse will continue to try and re-direct you to a newer version.   Make sure you select Luna each time you have an opportunity.

On the right hand side of the screen select your machine type for the download.

4)      You will need to add SAP’s tool kit for Eclipse so that you can have the correct perspectives that you will need. Detailed Tutorial for setting up Eclipse for SAP

From the Eclipse menu, choose Help > Install New Software.  You will need to enter the URL  in the section "Work with".  You will then need to select the components that you want to install.

5)      Set up your SAP’s Cloud Appliance Library (CAL) Account; you will have to enter the AWS Access Key and Secret Key and your SAP SCN Account Number.



Go to the Accounts Tab and then create a new Account.   Select Amazon as your cloud provider and enter your AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.  This is how your CAL account will be linked to your AWS account.

6)    Build your HANA instance.  Once you have your AWS account you can go to SAP’s Cloud Appliance Library and find the solution below.  You will need to click on Try Now.  Below, because I've already created my instance I no longer have "Try Now" available, however you will need to select the instance that is indicated.

Name your instance.  I just selected the version of HANA as 01 and the support pack stack of 09. 

Select all the defaults including region being us-east-1.


Make sure that you select that you want the Static IP Address during the setup.  It costs pennies extra and if you don’t your Eclipse work space will cause you problems.

Next you will be asked to provide the access points that are allowed to access your IP address.  I just use the default.  If you need to change this later that can be done from AWS.    I didn’t make any changes and I just clicked on Next.

Next you just pick a password.    Note, you will log onto HANA using the user name SYSTEM and this password.



7)      Activate your HANA instance--Go to the "Instances" tab and then click on "Activate".


After you click on Activate, you will get this popup; this is so that your instance will be automatically suspended after 8 hours.  Very important in case you for get to shut down your instance because you are charged by the hour when your instance is active for the AWS cloud space.


It takes about 45 minutes for the instance to be built.  Each subsequent time you activate it, it will only take about 10 minutes to boot up.

After about 5 minutes you can click on the instance as below to obtain your HANA IP address:


You will be given information about your instance.    Note the Static Public IP address check mark. 


Very important to shut down your instance when you’re finished so the hourly AWS charge will end!


😎      Viewing your instance in AWS.  This is not really necessary but you might be interested in viewing your instance here.



9)      But how much does the AWS cloud space cost????  Click on the expand triangle beside your name and select Billing & Cost Management to see your current invoices.


Below is my month-to-date October invoice that shows the hours I’ve been logged on and the cost.  Note that the instance you created is "High-Memory Extra Large (r3 xlarge); my bill shows pricing for and additional instance that is different and more expensive.

10)  Now follow this link to the assignments for the OpenSAP class Software Development on SAP HANA.  This is a 284 page document, very well done that has tons of screen shots that will teach you how to develop in HANA.  The first section of the document will lead you through setting up Eclipse to work with your brand new HANA Instance.

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