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In this blog we'll learn how to build a simple chatbot with SAP Conversational AI and SAP Open Connectors. We will also build an SAPUI5 Fiori front-end as an UI for the chatbot.


You need to have an account created for  SAP HANA Trial OnDemand and SAP Conversational AI.

Setting Up SAP Conversational AI

  • I created hello bot with @buy and @flower intents.

  • @buy intent

  • @flower intent

  • I also created @flower_entity entity. 

  • @flower_entity entity. 

  • Setup the triggers.

  • Under Actions tab, I defined the Requirements.

Once you have completed  the setup, we will use Dialog end points to test the bot with curl command:

  • Select Train tab and get the authorization token information. Take note of this token information, we will use it later when we setup SAP Open Connectors.

  • Use the SAP Conversational AI Dialog endpoints to communicate with bot.

  • Run curl command to test:
    curl -H "Authorization: Token d54cc18944a6cc60ca94852d2fc8d8ce" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"message": {"content":"I want flowers for my mom, an offer?","type":"text"}, "conversation_id": "CONVERSATION_ID"}' -X POST ""​

  • If no error, you will get the response message in JSON format:
    "results": {
    "nlp": {
    "uuid": "6631abdd-73a8-4de2-ab98-249e3f0abee5",
    "intents": [
    "slug": "buy",
    "confidence": 0.99,
    "description": null
    "entities": {
    "pronoun": [
    "person": 1,
    "number": "singular",
    "gender": "unknown",
    "raw": "I",
    "confidence": 0.99
    "number": [
    "scalar": 1,
    "raw": "an",
    "confidence": 0.99
    "language": "en",
    "processing_language": "en",
    "version": "1902.2.0",
    "timestamp": "2019-02-26T08:10:54.924465+00:00",
    "status": 200,
    "source": "I want flowers for my mom, an offer?",
    "act": "assert",
    "type": null,
    "sentiment": "neutral"
    "qna": {

    "messages": [
    "type": "text",
    "content": "Rose, Tulip and Daisy, which one you like?",
    "delay": null
    "conversation": {
    "id": "CONVERSATION_ID",
    "language": "en",
    "memory": {

    "skill": "greetings",
    "skill_occurences": 2
    "message": "Dialog rendered with success"

Setting Up SAP Open Connectors

Enable Open Connectors service in SAP Cloud Platform.

  • Logon to SAP HANA Trials On Demand and select Neo Trial.

  • Select Services.

  • Search for open and select Open Connectors.

  • Select Enable.

  • Select Go to Service.

Now you are at Open Connectors Service main page.

  • Select Connectors to create new connection.

  • Select Build a new connector.

  • Click Create.

  • Under Information tab, give the connector name cai and description, type of service REST API and authentication method Custom. Select Save & Next to continue.

  • Under Setup tab, Properties section set the following properties:
    base URL:
    Pagination type: page starts with 0
    Pagination Max: 100
    Content-Type Header: application/json
    Accept Header: application/jsonAuthentication section, authentication type: custom

  • At Configuration section, set the following properties:
    Name: Authorization
    Key: Authorization
    Type: Text 128
    Default: Token d54cc18944a6cc60ca94852d2fc8d8ce
    Description: Authorization

  • At Parameters section, set the following properties.

  • Select Save & Next to continue.

  • Under Resources tab, add a new resource, select Post and click Go.

  • Complete the following parameters and click Save.

  • Select Authenticate instance.

  • Enter the name cai and select Create Instance.

  • Select Test in the API docs.

  • Select Try it out.

  • Enter the following in body'section and click Execute.
    {"message": {"content":"I want flowers for my mom, an offer?","type":"text"}, "conversation_id": "CONVERSATION_ID"}​

  • You will get the response message back in JSON format.

  • Take note the authorization header information in curl command, we will use this information when we build the SAPUI5 chatbot front-end.
    curl -X POST "" -H  "accept: application/json" -H  "Authorization: User CnRqeTAM/0Gam0mn0FC8THg41b1BfZhpNPUCGCd8pns=, Organization 7c864423133b0be7aa25ce19cbbc7aaf, Element w/8rxilrE8xEjCzWAmLSd1nVEZddmSQyycqzXpFkF08=" -H  "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{\"message\": {\"content\":\"I want flowers for my mom, an offer?\",\"type\":\"text\"}, \"conversation_id\": \"CONVERSATION_ID\"}"​

    Authorization: User CnRqeTAM/0Gam0mn0FC8THg41b1BfZhpNPUCGCd8pns=, Organization 7c864423133b0be7aa25ce19cbbc7aaf, Element w/8rxilrE8xEjCzWAmLSd1nVEZddmSQyycqzXpFkF08=

SAPUI5 Front-End

I have created a simple front-end with a nice button Chat with me.Take a look at onSendPressed() method in App.controller.js Here I have defined the Ajax HTTP Post query with the following parameters:

  • url

  • headers: 'Authorization':'User CnRqeTAM/0Gam0mn0FC8THg41b1BfZhpNPUCGCd8pns=, Organization 7c864423133b0be7aa25ce19cbbc7aaf, Element w/8rxilrE8xEjCzWAmLSd1nVEZddmSQyycqzXpFkF08=',This is from curl command when we setup in SAP Open Connectors.

  • data: '{"message": {"content":"' + question + '","type":"text"}, "conversation_id": "CONVERSATION_ID"}'

onSendPressed: function(oEvent) {

var chatbot = this.getView().byId("botchat");
var question = oEvent.getParameter("text");

var data = '{"message": {"content":"' + question + '","type":"text"}, "conversation_id": "CONVERSATION_ID"}';

var _id = localStorage.getItem("chatId");
if (_id != undefined) {
// = _id;

url: "",
cache: false,
type: "POST",
headers: {
'Authorization': 'User CnRqeTAM/0Gam0mn0FC8THg41b1BfZhpNPUCGCd8pns=, Organization 7c864423133b0be7aa25ce19cbbc7aaf, Element w/8rxilrE8xEjCzWAmLSd1nVEZddmSQyycqzXpFkF08=',
'Content-Type': 'application/json'
data: data,
async: true,
success: function(sData) {
console.log('[POST] /discover-dialog', sData);

chatbot.addChatItem(sData.results.messages[0].content, false);

error: function(sError) {
chatbot.addChatItem("Something error!", false);


Execute the Ajax call and we'll get the response back in JSON format. Parse it and send back to user. Simple!

Source code:

That's all the required setup that we need to do.
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