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I was recently exploring the behavior of the chart components of Dashboards 4.1 on SAP Mobile BI 5.0.5. I found some contradicting behavior in one of the charts – ‘Bubble Plot’ Chart. For the ‘Bubble Plot’ chart, following are the settings used in the ‘Appearance’ – tab under ‘Text’ category. ‘Mouse-Over Values’ was unchecked here:

Figure 1: ‘Bubble Plot’ chart Properties

Following is a screenshot of the ‘Mobile (Fit to Screen)’ Preview in Dashboards:

Figure 2: Bubble Plot Mouse-Over Values in ‘Mobile (Fit to Screen)’ Preview mode

To cross-verify, I published the dashboard to the platform and checked the output on iPad 2. Much to my amazement, this is how it looked:

Figure 3: Bubble Plot Mouse-Over Behavior in SAP Mobile BI 5.0.5

Hopefully this will be corrected in the next release!

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