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In this Blog I will explain:

1)  How to create a bubble chart in Design studio.

2) Based on selection of a particular bubble filter and show the data in cross tab in detail.

3) A button used to reset the filters and show all the data again.

The script above filters the data source "DS_1" based on the selection.I have used the following script.


So whatever you select from the bubble chart only that particular set of record will be appearing later and rest all will be filtered out.

setFilter excepts two input parameters, dimension (can be any attribute or dimension from your data source, in my example it is "Material") value is the Material value say the are few materials like (chair, table etc) you can add chair here as hard coding or we can get the selected dynamically using the follow script. Chart_1.getSelectedMember(Material.text).

So the entire script looks this way


So once you select any one bubble out of the available only that is seen in the bubble chart as well as cross tab, since we filter the datasource and the binding for both the cross tab and bubble chart is using the same datasource i.e DS_1

After this if we want to see all the items, then there is need of refreshing the report. In order to avoid this we will see how to clear the filter ans show the entire data again for the selection.

Hope it was useful for you. Let me know your views and comments. Happy reading and learning.

Design studio rocks. I am still exploring the possibilities.

Thanks & Regards,


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