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Imagine you've created an (acquisition) DSO for which you'd like to browse its content. Imagine this DSO contains General Ledger Data and is called MC_O005

Of course "Display data" or SE16 can come in handy, but slicing and dicing on this data isn't easy. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a (hidden gem) feature which enables you to browse the content of this infoprovider via transaction RSRT (the query monitor transaction), WITHOUT an actual query being created on top of this infoprovider?

Execute transaction RSRT and add the following query name: <infoprovider name>/!!A<infoprovider name>In our example, the above would lead to query name MC_O005/!!AMC_O005 (as to be seen in the screengrab above) Pressing enter generates the following success message on the bottom left of the screen

When the above success message is shown, a temporary query has been generated which can be pressing the execute button. The result of this temporary query is similar to the execution of a regular query

Isn't this neat 😉

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