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When there is Data Load happens to the Data Target, there are situations where the Process got successfully completed but there are zero records fetched.

Before client escalates about the zero records being fetched to the data target we have to get this alert so that we can fix this issue.

In such scenarios, please follow the below steps to get an email alert once there are zero records fetched though the process got successfully completed.

Solution: Broadcast email Alert to your mailbox to work on the issue. Please follow below steps to configure Broadcasting of emails.


Query in Designer.

Maintain an exception as required for the scenario.

Go with broadcasting settings

Go with create new settings

Maintain the settings for Exception Distribution tab as mentioned in below screen shot

Maintain User language as English.

Maintain the Exception Search on Cal Week as below.

Come back to Exception Distribution to maintain the parameter. Go with create parameter.

Maintain the Recipients list here. You can give more than one mail id separated by “ ; ”

Maintain the Subject and Body of the mail in TEST tab.

Transfer the values and save the settings by giving technical name.

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