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Hi All,

for creating standard SMART TEMPLATE  from SAP WEB IDE follow this blog.

Create Smart Template Project.........SAP WEB IDE

To enable some grid table and object view

Manage Smart Template (List View and Object View ) using Annotations file...

For adding some custom controls using Annotation.

Adding Controls on Smart template  using Annotations...SAP WEB IDE

Breakout Application in Smart Template by adding some custom view for adding some  custom controls using XML and JS code.

Step 1: create Smart Template from SAP WEB IDE

Step 2: Select Services

Step 3: Select Entity Set and click on finish.

Step 4: open your project folder in WEB IDE.

Step 5: Create a folder on ext and in side folder create again folder and add file same as highlighted in snapshot.

Step 6: open manifest.json and add extension code for routing .

Step 7: ext/controller/CustomFilter.fragment.xml .

               I am Adding FilterBar in List View.

Step 8: ext/controller/CustomFilter.Controller.js

Step 9: Save it and run project:

SO its was the HOW TO ADD Breakout SMART Template PROJECT .

Thank you

Virendra Soni

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