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In September last year I posted this blog comparing the SAP HANA memory analysis tools to the fuel gauge on an old car.

At the same time as a SAP Max Attention Customer we gave strong feedback to our SAP Max Attention TQM that we request SAP to improve the SAP HANA memory analysis features to the benefit of all SAP Customers.

As you probably know I am a big advocate of the SAP Max Attention program and have mentioned this in previous blogs. We've got a great SAP Max Attention TQM, the one and only Mr Dave Strobl, round of applause, welcome Dave.

So, we gave our feedback to Dave, that, as explained in the previous blog, with SAP HANA Systems we desperately need to know, how much memory we have left today, how fast we are consuming memory, and a guestimate when we will exhaust the memory, all things that we take for granted in the fuel gauge of a modern car.

Dave went away to the backoffice at SAP and started talking to his colleagues in SAP HANA Product Development. The colleagues agreed to have a call with us and see what we were complaining about. We had a call with a number of people, and in the end it was agreed that there is room for improvement in this area.

Over a number of months, we have a few calls and Dave told us that the Developers were working on something.

A couple of weeks ago, Dave called and said, give the new SAP HANA Cockpit a try.

Note to all, if you're not yet using the SAP HANA Cockpit, start using it, the SAP HANA Studio is in sunset, and the SAP HANA Cockpit is the next generation go to tool for SAP HANA Administrators.

One of the nicest things with the SAP HANA Cockpit is that upgrading it is an online activity on the click of a button.

We already had the SAP HANA Cockpit so we clicked the button and upgraded to the latest version and then we started testing the new features for SAP Hana Memory Analysis.

This is what we found:


Analyse Memory Statistics




Memory overview graph (Currently only displays 42 days of history. This can be configured but will impact memory usage)



Top memory consumers for given data slice., this is really nice especially for troubleshoorting and housekeeping



Graphical view of top consumers for recent history




Component Based Overview with Used Memory History




At the moment all of these analysis are done on a single service level and so the tenant level or the SAP HANA system level overview is still missing and the same for future looking forecast, but already this is step in the right direction.


Infact for SAP HANA Basis Administrators, this is a uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggeeeee step.


Thanks Dave and colleagues.


If we weren't a SAP Max Attention Customer we wouldn't have had such an opportunity to influence SAP so quickly.





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