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Hope everyone is aware of next era of Solution Manager to be the CALM and there would be a paradigm shift in ALM world in upcoming years. So, everyone is ramped up with CALM and its capabilities? Well, here I would discuss my experience on the core capabilities that BpMon possess in the CALM space.

If you have started BpMOn capability in CALM, here are the key factors to be considered on your journey.


Common Questions & Answers in BpMON- CALM 

  1. Can we monitoring everything alike Solution Manager 7.2?

Remember it is cloud centric and you cannot monitor On-Prem or other Non-SAP products for the present.

Apparently CALM runs in public Cloud and Among Operations there are two topics broadly covered on current date. Business Process Monitoring & Integration Monitoring

  1. How many E2E Processes are covered in CALM Operations

There are only 4 end to end Processes in CALM, however last one yet to be released.


  1. What is the prerequisite to start BpMOn in CALM.

As a prerequisite initially the target system connection has to be established with CALM, ideally S/4 HANA Cloud. Here a question may arise why not connect the CPI, SuccessFactors ,SAP Concur, SAP Marketing cloud or SAP cloud platform?. Yes, absolutely connection is technically possible, however in terms of BpMon functionality on contemporary CALM , the S/4 HANA is the only scoped product, rest of them are planned in the mere future.


  1. What are the essential Roles required to configure Bpmon.

To configure the SAP Cloud ALM Business Process Monitoring integration, users need one of the following business roles in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud system:  SAP_BR_CONF_EXPERT_BUS_NET_INT , SAP_BR_ADMINISTRATOR


  1. From Where to start the configuration?

Firstly ensure the Cloud product, ideally S/4 HANA Is connected to CALM, thereby the functionality is halfway ready to kickoff. All you need to decide is activate or deactivate the KPI’s. Rest is all implicitly automated setup.

It is unlikely to expect the fully evolved BpMOn with all the vibrant color codes (Green/Red/Yellow) and thresholds at this early stage. Despite, as shown above, one can decide the scope of monitoring and save them via favorite’s option in home screen to monitor the desired KPI.

  1. Is there a KPI list for BpMOn alike Solution Manager 7.2?

Below is the link with list of all KPI’s, however it is a minuscule list on contrary to Solman.

  1. How does workflows work?

In the CALM sense, once an issue is triggered it has to head forward to the “call of action”.

For instance, if a “credit block Alert” shows-up, a new workflow has to be initiated and assigned to the consecutive responsible subordinates to deliberate further and other drill downs. For now, the workflows has to be manually created. In future they would be pre-built and released as a package.

  1. How to know if I’m subscribed to CALM Licensing?

Do you have any of the below mentioned product essentially used in you organization? Then the glad news is, you already have the licensing applicable to use.


  1. Where do I activate each of my Business Processes functionalities?

They are inherently configured in line with the business scenarios. Thereby, no extra effort is required.


  1. Few of the KPI’s are blank in my screen !

It’s because the relative transactions have not took place so far. Indulge you functional folks to get into hands-on with diverse transactions. The data would get populated from that point of time.


  1. What are the other products CALM BpMon would support.

There are many to onboard until 2022. For now S/4HANA on-Premise is the only active capability. For S/4 HANA hybrid scenarios as well as  SAP SuccessFactors Monitoring function would be released by end of 2020


  1. Do I use Process management as a basis to start BpMon.

Certainly no. in CALM world they are implicitly designed as distinguished micro services and work in unified outlook with no dependencies on each other.


  1. Is it possible to deploy CALM functionality across Hyperscalers.

Except Alibaba Cloud, it is possible on all other HyperScalers for now.


  1. Can I define my own KPI in CALM BpMon

No CALM BpMOn is focused on process exceptions based on predefined KPIs and its not possible to    create your own KPI.


  1. When can we expect the full-fledged product?

Likely to be expected by end of 2022.




Apparently the CALM has not evolved to its complete form and the information given above is the initial and current state of BpMon. If you are exploring and setting up for the first time, try to consider all the above points to help you configure seamlessly and reap the best out of it. Certainly, this blog post would help you to navigate on your learning curve without any obstacles. Cheers!!

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