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We had a requirement to build BOBJ reports on top of ABAP function modules ( Remote enabled)
Let us see how this can be achieved and what are all challenges you might face…

For our example, I have used below remote enabled Function module (BAPI_FLIGHT_GETLIST)

When you execute you get below screens... To check result click on highlighted item...

You get below results…let’s try to display this result from BOBJ webi report…


Step 1: Create Relational Connection to S/4 Hana System

Create a new relational connection with SAP JCo connector with required connection details and test the connection. Export the connection to BO repository.


Step 2: Create Data Foundation Layer

Create a new data foundation layer using the short cut of relational connection created in Step 1.

All ABAP function modules will appear as Tables in data foundation layer.

If you right click on this selected ABAP function you can see defined Input Columns or see table values

In our case we have only optional input columns - so no need to pass any values.

The report will fetch all records as below– if required we can create prompts in report query panel

In some case we need to deal with mandatory input columns – we have to pass either static values or if we want these values to be dynamic, then create universe parameters and map this to input columns as below

Complete these steps and save the data foundation layer.


Step 3: Create Business Layer

Create Business layer by selection Data foundation layer created in Step 2. Hide objects which are not required for reporting. In our case only highlighted items are enabled for reporting. Export this business layer to repository. Now this will be visible as Universe for BOBJ reporting.


Step 4: Create BOBJ webi report

Create Webi report in BI launch Pad or Rich Client with Universe as source. Select the universe created in step 3 and add desired result objects and execute the report


Issue we faced in Step 4

We were able to create and run report only in Webi Rich Client – But in BI launch Pad we were not able to create new report or refresh report created and published from rich client.

If you get above JCo connector issue contact SAP or give a try with below notes.

We connected with SAP our resolution steps are updated in SAP note -2625613


Now the reports are working fine both in BI Launchpad and Rich Client

Hope this helps…


SAP Environment Details Used

SAP BO 4.2 SP4
SAP S/4 HANA 1610
HANA 2.0 SP2
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