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Bring it on!

Blog series starts here

A quick wrap up

So, let's review what's done so far :

  • created a user with the required rights to create and manage the metrics mart,

  • created my development workspace,

  • created the required objects to pull out ( stored procedures ) and store the metrics data ( tables ),

  • defined the jobs required to perform the data loads.

And what's left to be done :

  • activate the xsjobs so the metrics mart gets populated with data

  • create the necessary BOBJ framework objects

  • create the BOBJ reports on top of it!

XS engine jobs review

So now we can have a look at the XSengine and check our jobs are there.

We connect to the XS engine using the HDB studio -> Open SAP HANA Cockpit :

Logon to the XS engine using the created user credentials ( Z_MARKH) :

Once logged on, a quick access to the XSengine jobs view can be done through the following link :

You then access the XS jobs dashboard. You'll find you're newly created and activated jobs in status INACTIVE ( in terms of scheduling ) :

Take a look at the scheduler status. At first, if the XS scheduler was not used so far, you might find it in "not enabled" status ( Scheduler enabled status: No). To activate it, all you have to do is click the radio button. It will then be switched on.

Back to our XS job. To activate the schedule you double-click the job. The Job details tab appears where you can review the default XScron schedule ( this should be the same as what was set up when defining the XSjob object ).

Then go to the configuration tab, enter the Z_MARKH account and password and click check "activate".

Then "Save Job".

You can also go to the "log cleanup" tab in order to set the log retention policy for this job :

Go back to the initial jobs administration page and you'll see your job in status "active" instead of "inactive".

XS jobs mass activation

Now, as I have several jobs to activate for the data to be uploaded to the metric mart, and I don't want to go through this manual process in order to activate all my jobs (lazy me !), I mass activate the XS jobs using some SQL commands (SQL console opened on the tenant with user Z_MARKH):
LOCALE = 'en',

This is going to activate all my jobs starting with Z_MARKH*, and set the activation and configuration timestamp to the current date.

Once done, restart the XS jobs scheduler so the update is taken into account and there we are!

All my XSjobs went from INACTIVE to ACTIVE!

The metrics mart will now have its data uploaded through this jobs set!

What's next! 

Well, it's Business Objects play time!

  • create the necessary BOBJ framework objects

  • create the BOBJ reports on top of it!

Link to next blog here.

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