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Why Blueprint Technologies' People Science?

  • In the age of data driven businesses, right decisions at the right time is the most vital key for the success of any organization.

  • Organizations run on their resources.

  • Blueprint Technologies’ People Science solution delivers a well-rounded view and a deep insight of an organization’s chief resource – their employees, thus aiding an organization in making their most important decisions, on time.

  • People Science drives on two of SAP’s cloud offerings; SuccessFactors and SAP Analytics Cloud. It combines industries’ leading Human Capital Management with the Future of Decision Making. This solution provides a holistic approach in winning top talent and understanding them.


Business Requirement

SAP SuccessFactors captures a lot of data; especially data related to people, the employees.

This data, if consumed, utilized and presented effectively, can help in making very important decisions for the organization.

Hence the requirement, here, is to capture this data and provide an interactive and an efficient analysis on the captured data to help the organization make decisions.


Analytic Challenges

Besides just being productive and helpful for the business users, the analytics solution, must have a very simple user interface for the same users to navigate through.

The source of data, being SuccessFactors, which in itself is a cloud solution, we need an analytics solution which is compatible with it.

We need to make sure that there is no manual activity involved in fetching the data from the source and presenting it to the analytics tool.



The data would reside in SAP SuccessFactors; making use of  Succession and Development, Time and Attendance, Employee Central, Recruitment components.

SAP Analytics Cloud would connect with SuccessFactors; to bring in the necessary data and stories would be created on top of them, for analysis purpose.



Head Count


Hiring Delays




Product Facts

  • Head Count

    • A complete view of the employees in an organization and their hiring and exit trend over the last 5 years.

  • Promotions

    • This story illustrates the top 10 employees and the top 10 countries receiving/giving incentives since the inception of the organization.

    • Moreover, it highlights the recruitment details of the employees in the organization.

  • Hiring Delays

    • This KPI demonstrates hiring delays encountered continent/country/department wise.

  • Utilization

    • This KPI helps in determining the utilization of employees department wise.

    • It demonstrates a comparison chart with billable hours/non billable hours/utilization.

  • Termination

    • This story depicts the terminations occurring in the organization/continent/country/department wise and the reasons behind it.

  • Data Connectivity

    • Content based on SAP SuccessFactors.

    • Analysis based on SAP Analytics Cloud.

  • SAP SuccessFactors Component

    • Employee Central.

    • Recruitment.

    • Time and Attendance.

    • Succession and Development.

  • SAP Analytics Cloud - Chart Types

    • Comparison.

    • Trend.

    • Distribution.

    • Indicator.


Product Flexibility

This product can be completely customized in accordance with your business needs.


R Visualization Capabilities

Further, we can make use of the R visualization capabilities within the SAP Analytics Cloud to create even more interactive visualizations enhancing the analyses to include advance statistical and analytical analyses.

R is a programming language and free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. This is the most used language and environment for statistical analysis.This programming language can be integrated with SAP Analytics cloud to create more robust stories.

Essentially to add R visualizations to your stories, you need an R server running and connected to SAC. But with certain datacenters SAC provides preconfigured R packages. ggplot2, jsonlite, dplyr are some of the packages that we can use to enhance the visualizations seen above.


Dig Deeper?

Please visit the app center listing of our Product for further information.!overview
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