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With SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP10, a new method has been introduced in to document the business process using Solution Documentation.

The traditional ways to document the business processes are Manual, Excel Template Upload or  RBPD/SoDocA. Let us have a brief overview on each of these methods

  • Manual/Excel Upload:

If the Business Process information is up-to-date and readily available, then Documentation of business process can be done manually or using Excel Upload interface. Excel upload interface saves lot of time since the standard template is useful not only to build the baseline documentation (3 level hierarchy and transaction code) but also helps to upload multiple process documents in a faster way.

  • RBPD/SoDocA:

In a situation where the Business processes are not documented and readily available, earlier we had the option to run RBPD analysis and get a jump start to document business processes based on usage analysis. SoDocA can be useful to update the existing project defined in solution manager based on usage analysis.

Now SAP has introduced ‘Blueprint Generator’, which is the faster way to document business processes in a modular approach. It is also called Process step library.

Purpose: The aim is to get the SAP Module based Business Processes in solution manager based on usage analysis data from the managed system.

Usage data source:

Option 1: Work load statistics data from ST03N of the managed system

Option 2:  From SolMan UPL cube


System Preparation, Basic and Managed system configuration should be complete.

For Option 2, additionally, UPL should be activated in the managed system and the usage data should be available in Solution Manager infocube. For more information please refer below link

SAP Note 1955847:UPL: Activation Procedure and Authorization Handling in SAP Solution Manager.


Below are the steps to run Blueprint generator:

  1. Run Report RUTILITY_BLUEPRINT_GENERATION (This feature is also available in SEA – Scope and Effort Analyzer with SolMan 7.1 SP11 onwards)

   2.  This report execution will take some time depending on the usage data. Also it is advisable to run this report during off peak load period of the day.


  1. Once the report is executed, the project is created with the defined name. Go to solman_admin transaction code


   2.  Go to solar01 Transaction code to see the Business processes.

   3.  See that the business processes are defined as below with 3 Level hierarchy defined in the project.

  4.  The graphical view shows the correlation between 3 level hierarchy and process step library

  5.  Similarly the process step library as seen in the project

  6.  The custom transactions are seen as a separate folder ‘Customer’, they are grouped by development class.

Define E2E Business Process from Process step library

Once the process step library is ready, we can manually define E2E Business process as under

A new scenarios is created say ‘Order to Cash’ and the relevant business process along with the steps can be copied from the process step library and arranged sequentially. For example:


  • Faster documentation of business process based on usage analysis
  • Get insight into the custom transaction and reports based on usage analysis
  • Re-usage of centralized Business Process across all phases in Test Management
  • Once the Productive solution is in place, Business Process Monitoring can also be setup.


This document will help you to understand the concept of Blueprint Generator to create process step library to document Business Processes in Solution Manager

About the Author:

     She is part of TCS RunSAP CoE team having expertise in SAP Solution Manager functionality from ALM & RSlaF like Solution Documentation, SoDocA, Test Management, BPCA, BPMon,            BPAnalytics, JSM etc.

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