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Blog it Forward

I'm participating in the Blog It Forward Community Challenge because of corey.adams. If you haven't been tagged yet but would like to participate, you can add yourself to the list here.

An Introduction:

I'm originally from Santiago Chile (or how I like to say it in Georgia... from the "deep" South).  I came to the US when I was 13 years of age and am currently living in Atlanta, Georgia.

I started my career in Business Intelligence after graduating from Florida State University (Seminoles) in 1998.  I am passionate about BI and the value "real" numbers bring to organizations.  Currently, I am the Director of Business Analytics for the Business Intelligence group at McKesson Revenue Management Solutions.

I am also very active in the global BI community.  Have done many international conferences speaking about the value of BI with numerous accolades from  attendees in Australia, South Africa, Italy and the United States.  Main two topics for me nowadays: 1. Bringing true adoption to BI tools like Webintelligence  and 2. Mobile BI... how I said it at ASUG's SBOUC conference in Orlando this past September 2012 --> You can't spell MOBILE without BI.

Additionally, I have been blessed to have been part of the authoring team of  the best-selling WebIntelligence 4.0 SAP Press book.  It has been an honor to have my name printed next to Jim, Heather, Dallas and Mac.

--> SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: The Comprehensive Guide (2nd Edition)

More about me here.

A fun fact about me:

I am an avid cigar aficionado and roll my own brand of cigars.  Check my page here-->

To answer the questions:

1. What was the most rewarding experience you have had (so far) and what made it so?

Professional: I'd have to say the most rewarding has been to create a BI product that brings revenue into the organization.  The ability to brand and make BI marketable is a huge step over just internal BI.  This way we've been able to quantify ROI to the organization and make it count.

Personally; there are many rewarding experiences in my life especially around my kids (3) and wife.  Recently though, I took part in a catholic retreat called CHRP and it was "game changing" perspective for me.  The ability to connect spiritually to other men in my parish was huge.  Ever since I went through the experience I feel like the vision for my life has changed, it has calmed me down and now I prioritize the things that really matter.  Want to know more?

2. If you had a pet that could grant three wishes, what animal would it be, what would you name it, and why?

Obviously, Donkey from Shrek.  Are you kidding me a talking donkey!!!  how freaking awesome is that!!!  I would call it Burro with the same rolling of the R's as Antonio Banderas does in the movie.  If he would grant me wishes, I'd ask for 1. A robust library of sarcasm fonts 2. everybody in the world to speak Spanglish 3. three more wishes...

Blog It Forward

I wish to Blog It Forward to SAP-Press Webintelligence 4.0 book co-authors:





The questions:

1. What type of BI pie-rate do you consider yourself and why?

2. What's your passion (aside from BI?)

call me Gabo (the mad chileno!)

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