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the „Blockchain Connector“ is a free programm written in C++ used to connect

a SAP System under Linux to your own blockchain network.

It is currently desigend for SAP ERP 6.0 (Testet with EHP8).


The program works in cooprertaion with a SAP Backgroud Job and an SAP ASCII printer to

recognize changes in the FI Tables (ERP 6.0) , for example BSEG and BKPF used in TR fb50.

The change in the tables is written to OS level an gets encrypted. Than the connecotor collect the

encrypted data send it to the Blockchain Generator and than to the blockchain peer-to-peer network under your control.

The hole network transportation is encrypted . The hashes in the blocks is sha512 and an GPG signature and encryption for authentication .


Here is a schema how the connector works :

Here is a schematic construction of the blocks in the chain


the program is free of use an can be downloaded at github

All feedback about the program is welcome
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