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“Blockchain-based digital credentials eliminates the need for an intermediary to prove or verify the diploma and streamlines the process of recruiting. This solution helps not only students and universities, also future employers benefit from easy diploma certification”

Today, issuing and verifying a certificate is a slow and complicated process where errors and fraud are a real risk.

According to Gartner, the most promising Blockchain use cases for Higher Education resolve around transforming “record keeping” including self-sovereign credentials and degrees. Blockchain-based credentials could put learners in charge of their credentials, eliminating the need for institutions or third parties to verify credentials, as well as streamlining the process for potential employers.

By implementing Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), we have developed an Open” Digital Credentials Application”. The solution helps students, government and educational institutions. Also, future employers and recruiters benefit from easy verification. The solution, based on open industry-standards, enables verifying the truthfulness and validity of certificates, licenses, diplomas or any official document.

Blockchain provides the technical infrastructure to store and manage certificates reliably. It is a durable, time-stamped, transparent and decentralised technology. By implementing Blockchain as a “Digital Credentials Application”:

  • We create a certification infrastructure that puts the learner in control of the record of achievements

  • We provide the technical infrastructure to reliably store and manage the certificates

  • We enable the verifier to authenticate a certificate or diploma without having to contact the issuing organisation

Therefore, with SAP Cloud Platform and and Blockchain (BC) for Education Certification Blockchain, we deploy and integrate a number of innovative and emerging technologies in order to optimise the service and transparency for the Higher Education industry.

Benefits and Outcomes can be expected in different areas:


  • Credibility and Trust between Student/Applicant and Company

  • Faster and Easier Recruitment Procedure

  • Lower administrative cost by real-time validation and verification

  • Value added service to improve HR service


  • Enhanced technologies in Digital Credential service:

  • Cloud Services (SAP Cloud Platform)

  • Blockchain

  • UX development

Human Empowerment:

  • Enhanced user experience through digitisation, enhanced technologies in Digital Credentials and Recruitment

  • Transparency overall

  • Learner is in control of degrees, certificates and diplomas

  • No need for an intermediary to prove or verify credentials


Check out our Innovation story at:


Warm regards, Tom

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