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Hi All,

I recently faced an issue in NWDS and did not find any references for it in SDN, so thought of sharing the resolution for it here, via this blog.

The issue was that on importing any project in NWDS, I was getting a blank screen. If I clicked on "Import" under File Menu, a blank window opened with no list of sources available. Similarly, when navigating to Windows -> Preferences, a blank window opened with no content in it.

Refer screenshots below of the issue:

Fig 1. Blank page when opening the Import Wizard in NWDS.

Fig 2. Blank Page when opening Windows ->Preferences.


The solution was very basic, but probably it would not strike to many.

1. Close NWDS.

2. Go to Workspace folder in your system, and delete the entrie folder (content  as well as the folder itself).

3. Restart NWDS.

Issue should now be resolved.

As a precautionary measure, if you want you can create a new workspace also, from windows -> preferences -> Workbenck -> workspace and browse for new workspace created by you.


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