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Biometrics - Mobile solutions - Big data - Cloud Platform

"Let's Welcome New Year with more Secure Methodologies towards Securing Personnel Identity and contribution towards bringing more Reforms giving way to more Global Harmony - with Mobile Solutions + Biometrics + Big data + Cloud Platform".

     A major break through can be achieved with latest technology developments using Cloud platform and Mobile solutions integrating with Big-Data. Mobile solutions can bringing more secure reforms using application of Biometric scanner from a smartphone.

     Globally using this methodology not only secure personnel identity, but for sure will generate & contribute more employment related to various fields.

How the idea came to me:
     There are many aspects of day to day life on various occasions came across during past more than three decades due to which a thought born in me for a approach which can contribute towards single identity of the persons. Instances due to which ideas generated.

instance 1- This had occurred about more than three and half decades back (during my high school) when someone unknown had taken up a contract (not related to me in any aspect) by submitting RFB's (required for bid’s) with more than one identity, declaring particulars/details written in different languages by the same person. (Viz., writing name written in other than official language and spelling of name).

instance 2- Later during late 80's while at university some of the students from different parts of the country who already held Driving licenses from their home town had obtained a second Driving license with the local address of residence (Viz., by obtaining declaration from known local contacts & alternate sources).

instance 3- During late 80's & early 90's observed persons obtaining permits for loans financial assistance, operating business, owning more than one commercial + personnel vehicles with duplicate & fake identities, some instances like having one or more of these permits by spoofing. (Viz., by Declaring with slight changes to personnel particulars, addresses other related details).

instance 4- During mid & late 90's observed some persons having more one travel document (Passports). Either obtained by self or through some agencies (with some changes made related to Bio-metrics. viz., Personnel particulars, address, DOB or appearance). Which was used to re-enter the country either for change in job or when they don't obtain "NOC- NO objection Certificate" from the employer. Also in case of visa rejection submitting/approaching with another travel document. (Through agencies or self-approach).

instance 5- This was much weird. When someone had voted on my behalf that had taken my Voting right (thrice faced such situation). Someone Unknown anonymous had used voting slip and might have stated particulars & my Identity to vote. Just by providing/declaring with a piece of paper slip as proof & evidence (taken at polling booths, “how was it given without cross checking any ID???”). {while claiming with my all evidences and identity document could get my right to vote. Rather looking into matter, A mere answer by official(s) given was "it's marked in document beside your name on list it's already been done, take it easy. Friendly suggestion given, better to just move away from there before they make any complaints which may be false or fake that may be not good for you, because you only be in problem. Many of the people nearby suggested be quietly  leave rather than argue}. Voting is considered to be a right of a person giving authority over the persons wish & selection by using right of Vote.

Apart from all the instances, from past and during all these years had seen, read and heard in news about issues related to fake ID's, owning properties, real estate, bank accounts, monetary piping, financial frauds and tax evasions. Globally many among us might have come across such instances & also read/heard/watched news.

     Reasoning the facts with reference to each instance of five instances can be more detailed to control fraudulent activities as well as spoofing methods by obtaining duplicate and fake identity generated through various methods points to be considered as are:-

1- Different global locales have various languages used locally. The best practise is to provide the "Personnel particulars" declaring in Official language but also most common/used languages of that country. For example like Official language (Sarkari Bhasha), National language (Rashtra bhasha), Native language (Desiya Bhasha), Regional language (Pradeshik Bhasha), Local language (Sthaniya Bhasha), Mother tongue (Matru Bhasha). With all additional details and particulars of extended family linking with details to one’s own identity will be much helpful in securing the personnel Identity. All data has to be synchronised with Big data (Central data system). Available in records of government. This helps in securing personnel particulars and avoids spoofing.
Viz., name-spell image showing a name can be written in different languages:

2- Declaration of documents should be given with references then attested/certified by government defined authority, submit to local area office or municipality, submit photo and palm/finger prints get background check and register with government service. All the documentation done and approved data ID has to be issued. The details along with personnel particulars are synchronised with Central data helps by preventing duplicate or fake and fraudulent ID claims. Also helps in Root cause analysis using drilling down details for source check of false claims/references/documentation.

3- Central data registration number has to be provided for obtaining any government permits & licenses, ownership of vehicles or properties. The CRN should be used to register with financial/revenue departments/institutions. Which helps in securing revenues & financial aspects, will avoid fraudulent activity on other persons particulars. Not only Safe guarding finances & revenues but also securing ownership of movable & immovable properties.

4- Of all the important aspect comes when obtaining a travel document which is the biggest means of crossing border. When a travel document is requested it has to be authorised with the latest background check as well as the pre-submitted personnel particulars & Central data. This helps in preventing unauthorised travel also assists in within border security drilling down details. No other person can claim a ID using fake or fraud methods or can obtain by spoofing.

5- Using electronic scanner synchronising with data from Central data can be secure method of voting and also Securing personnel ID giving the actual ID owner more rights. This has to be considered "important form of security & preventing any breech in personnel data usage". Every ID has to be cross checked & using drill down methods prior to any sanctions issued. Root cause analysis plays important role in securing & approving an ID. For more secure reasons the document with photo along with the signature has to be provided with thumb print preventing duplicates.

     Latest developments in picture capturing using mobile phones with instant sharing through emails and social networks and for other broadcasting services having capability of stamping the time (synchronized with server/service provider) and location (using GPS technology) and by producing more quality in clarity captured picture and clear generated image with present smart phones using high pixel cameras.

     Also, smartphones supports features/applications using Mobile Solutions having capabilities of scanning barcodes and obtaining/retrieving related data instantly using data service accessing internet getting results details like price checker or further drilled down into details of the product.

     Another major breakthrough in Scanning documents/cheques & saving/sending picture image files where upon cross confirmation further processing of financial transactions.

     Often using scanning digitally signed documents like for confirmation of Contract, BOM's, RFQ's, presentations and Webinars.

     Other ways of security confirmation done through Digitally confirming the access codes through selection of characters from mobile key pad which confirms the secure access code over the point of authentication. All these are being operational and made possible with Mobile solutions and cross confirming the data’s from data storage.

     Most of the data from the UI is conveyed to the End-user with more secure methodology through innovative technological developments using more technological add-ons using selective characters from key pad or scanned images or voice recognition.

     The feature of Voice dialer methodology can be used authenticate by Voice recognition feature (this can be further more complex function in Handling cause of various factors which I am not mentioning or discussing). For the time being let's skip over the topic of Voice recognition.

    Bio-metrics can be used as key source of personnel identity with interlacing with picture (physical) identity.
     By sending a self-captured picture for photo identity, entering the characters for access code through keypad once authenticated, then using the bio-metric scanner to authorise the data retrieval for update or any transaction with financial institution or other official activity related to Healthcare or Motor transport authority can be done over data central.

     Instant capturing the self-picture  and secure code using characters of mobile keyboard from the personnel smartphone (having IMEI#) using the designated phone number (pre-registered) confirms digital identity signature. Bio-metrics acts as digital personnel secured key to unlock the data after identity authentication.

     Getting the digital authentication & authorization with their complete actual data which will be main data for any related activity which helps in securing personnel identity. Also, will reduce the documentation needed for securing  identity providing the valid identities as required by government regulating authorities. Process & procedure to add/link the background check for every individual helps the community and will assist in quick application process for any permits/licenses. As identity confirmation been done by designated authorities defined by the government bodies. While this can also help in drill down for the details upon requirement for personnel purpose for applying travel document or to obtain permit to travel to foreign locales submitting to the concerned embassy/consulate. The duplicate identities can be netted & filtered easily. This gives a great relax & helps in securing oneself.

     More about Accessing secure data’s using Mobile will be more feasible & flexible in making data transfer between UI & End User by having Big Data on Cloud platform.
     Securing the data with high security and confirmation of Identity is the main factor taken into consideration. This not only provides high end security for the user, but also averts duplicating identities. This simplest way can contribute towards bringing many solutions to Global issues. Viz., Secured financial transactions, privacy Control, Securing Identity, Secured Authentication, secured access to personnel data.

     Apart from these also there are other major possible aspects, Viz., getting Census proper and exact, Monetary agencies can control piping of monetary transactions, Financial institutions can monitor gaps, Revenue & Tax depts., can solve issues of declarations, Registrars & municipality can solve property ownership issues.

     With the use of Mobile solutions and with secured Identity, in future using Mobile phone applications electronic voting can also be made possible with developing technologies & new procedures using Big Data over Cloud Platform.

     Biggest contribution can be made towards Global harmony. The secured identity authentication can be helpful in securing within borders and cross borders. Globally all persons contributing towards the control of their secured identity will be/can contribute towards safe borders. Control over illegal crossing and with duplicate identity or undeclared (suspicious) persons can be controlled.

Declaration about concept:
     Written about a decade back with collective points came across past years. Some of the matter & methods described are from "Pehchan Nama" (Identity card/document) which was my tittle for the concept during 2003 towards Securing Identity.
     Tried to put forward the concept and idea by sharing with some noted IT companies. Concept never reached any IT company R&D manger(s) table cause never received response to letters posted. By personnel approach couldn't  get direct contact with any related official. (Sometimes could not make across the door. Calls were dropped for appointment with a note "send your resume through mail or drop box, often with a word from front desk they will contact me when appointment is confirmed). Being Small Man in Big World, just waited in vain.
     Decided to work out myself documented necessary steps & procedures, prepared flow charts, created graphical presentation. Generated a software a program with help of Visual Basic 6.0 wizard (which was pre-installed on pre-configured desktop PC) using my personnel data.
     After a year and half during 2005 decided to give a seminar myself by booking a conference hall / meeting place within Hyderabad, India and to advertise in local newspaper " Free seminar on achieving Global reforms & personnel data security using IT - have to be IT Software R&D managers or Higher Authority or Business entrepreneurs". (Prior giving the seminar due some reasons had to Scrap of all documentation and the Data-CD ("Pehchan" +with added slogan)" {"Identity" with slogan} which had to be scrapped. Along with my favorite record book "BoK's =3I's (Book of Knowledge = Imagination + Ideas + Inventories)" in which I had documented some ideas & thoughts past my childhood).

What had contributed towards this:

     About four decades back some facts heard through my grandfather during his tenure of work with Indian Imperial Police how the criminals were tracked if they have disguised themselves with changes to appearance or personnel particulars. Prior to taking any action, Cross checking the records & documented (Naksh or Tasveer) picture pre-created by criminal sketch artists or created with different look like options by the criminal sketch artists (present day they are called forensic artists/experts). Drilling down details about the criminal residing place through area or community leaders. Confirming the identity by using the "Hasta & Padha Mudra (Palm & Foot prints)" from the records. As it's hard to have same match of Mudra's (Prints).

"A word of thanks for all those gone through this document, understanding the concept and ideology"
☆  ☆  ☆  ☆ Wishing everyone a Prosperous New Year 2014  ☆  ☆  ☆

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