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Source: SAP Insider

Last week was SAP Insider BI & HANA 2018 in Las Vegas.  It kicked off with an interesting keynote.  I want to thank conference producer bridget.kotelly for another great event.

How do you make the most out of technology?

Source: SAP

Apply machine learning to investment strategy, business strategy

"What moves are you making to allocate your resources, across your business"

Use machine learning to apply and solve business problems

Goal is to optimize business value

Source: SAP

SAP has a vision of becoming the AlphaGo of business" says Ivo Bauermann

Source: SAP

Companies will be worth more that are more agile

Key to run your business, lower cost

More important to have access to and share resources

With IoT, collaborate with machines, expanding resources

Source: SAP

How do you turn data into meaningful information to run and grow business to dynamically reallocate resources - "unlock HANA"

"Using HANA and analytics to run your business"

Source: SAP


"Unlock with HANA"

With Analytics Cloud, make data available to end users

Everyone using Analytics Cloud uses HANA

Source: SAP

SAP Analytics Cloud combines planning, BI and predictive into one tool; this is unique as it is one single solution

Comparing Netflix (SAP Analytics) with other BI tools

With a plug in, you can real time stream data to cloud

No data replication

Designers have made it into a simple, intuitive application for business users

Source: SAP

JAWS movie - need a bigger boat

Fast forward 3 years, over 71K users today

Gerrit Kazmaier, SAP, made a triathlon comparison, get out of the water and on the bike

"Optimized ropes", like the horse/car a "paradigm change is on us"

Source: SAP

Free our minds; when look at SAP Analytics Cloud, you may think of it as a "new typewriter"

SAP Analytics Cloud changed the core

Source: SAP


This was the picture Gerrit saw three years ago when he was assigned to rethink the analytics strategy

Beautiful data museum; if you accumulate the reports, it will range in millions

Museum is not engaging; pictures are masterpieces as you understand the data, semantics

Everyone needs access to information - can't live in museum any longer

Source: SAP

This was an inflection point

If everyone wants to draw pictures; it gives tools to everyone; beautiful visualizations but at the end the value and insecurity is staggering as no one knows what is correct.  What about undetected data errors?


"Get to answer really fast that is really wrong"

Source: SAP

Instead of a data museum or handing out "coloring kits" the above is the vision

Data is not the problem. How many people ask you for democratized data?  Zero.  It is not about data.

Data is messy, complex and error prone, it will always require a deep understanding to make sense

Source: SAP


What people really care about is information; the semantics, the integrity - definitions of hierarchies, currencies, access rights, budgets, forecasts, KPI

SAP has tools that do nothing but semantically enrich raw data, like BW, HANA

The problem is everything is in there - the semantics, query engine, and tools are very sophisticated

Created a museum; decoupled professional plane from the business

Source: SAP

What SAP did was extending the platforms

SAP Analytics Cloud is based on these platforms, connecting to live data from these systems, understanding the metadata is - universes, BW cubes, and exposes what is there in a unified experience based directly on source systems - not in the cloud, but on the browser

How does Cloud connect to on-premise - no debate...once application is loaded, it connects to source system without connection to the cloud.

Source: SAP

Concept of agile semantics - connecting to the platform creates a new experience with this semantics and information worked with at the end - open for extension, closed for modification

Blending, adding calculations are all part of the experience

This is a layered model; a best practice - don't think of one database schema but in multiple layer - corporate semantics, then start building them.  Don't copy or change the models, but extend them with more dimensions

You always want to know what the source is, where the number comes from, with full trust

Source: SAP

It is not just BI but includes predictive and planning altogether

How can predictive be used in planning and BI?

Predictive may next be the data science museum

Problem of machine learning is not technology but deployment and putting in hands of people

Source: SAP

Integrating with S/4HANA tightly

Big announcements at SAPPHIRENOW with financial planning in SAC with S4 - integrated experience

Same with SuccessFactors

Open to third party

Becomes contextual, right at the source, close the loop with decision making

Source: SAP

What is the "game changer"?  Build new types of analytical applications - this is the big transition

Today think of analytics as  resource and not intelligence

New Smart experience with natural language - sometimes you the human is driving, sometimes the machine is

New search to insight  -- "show me operating profit" demo:

Source: SAP

Machine learning speaks your language

Add "smart insights" - appears like natural language

Source: SAP

Device Preview

The "alpha go" of today

Out of the water and on the bike - SAC works on all platforms - BW, BI, BPC, HANA

1500 customers and 71K users

Sneak preview - natural language is in preview/BETA; release in next couple of week

Analytics Cloud is not a static resource - will reorganize - it will be an active platform - reaching out to you, changing content to you


Don't miss our upcoming webcast this week BI: SAP Analytics Cloud for Beginners

Also June 4th please consider joining the ASUG BI Community for Jump Start ASUG Annual Conference 2018 SAPPHIRENOW with SAP Analytics Cloud/ Lumira Designer Session

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