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This event was last month, and I am a few weeks behind, but here's a brief recap.

I already wrote about the keynote here, and I told conference producer bridget.kotelly how much I liked it.  Plus the keynote ended early; hopefully SAP will take this into account for the upcoming SAPPHIRENOW.


First, the week before I was asked to participate in this:

Source: SAP

How to Scale the Value of Data for Digital Transformation

Join us for an exclusive luncheon to discuss strategies and best practices for scaling the value of data and analytics for digital transformation. During this interactive dialogue, you will hear from customers in different stages of their digital transformation journey including Fairfax Water, Virginia’s largest water utility and SAP HANA Innovation Award recipient for their digital customer self-service experience, and Ferrara Candy Company, who will share how data management impacts insight and decision-making at America’s number one maker of non-chocolate confections.  (source: SAP)


I was a little concerned as my flight landed at 11:00, could I make it in time for an event that started at 12:20?  Fortunately SAP's ginger.gatling took a chance on me.  My flight landed early, and I made the lunch in plenty of time.  An extra treat, Shadi brought candy for everyone from his company, Ferrara candy.

The exchange of information was interesting; some questions I could not answer but I told attendees to show up to "Ask the Experts" which was being held later that day.  The room was standing room only, and kudos to Ginger for keeping the session interactive.

Next I attended jayne.landry session:

Source: SAP

Jayne said the sessions covered digital transformation, how improve and give new experiences to customers

Source: SAP

In Jayne's session, it showed that analytics is at the center of digital business models

Source: SAP

BI/Analytics continues to be the top priority of CIO's

Source: SAP

I thought this was interesting, that despite everything, data is still not treated as a strategic asset.

Source: SAP

This slide from Jayne generated some discussion: BICC role is changing, shifting to Analytics Communities of Excellence - the control tower, training, certification - what do you think?

Source: SAP

Some key points from Jayne's session are shown above.

Next, I participated in this video with the SAP Analytics team:

Then we had a very busy "Ask the Experts" session.

Most of the questions were about how to upgrade to Lumira - see this blog for more details.  We stayed an hour longer than required due to all the questions being asked!

I presented on SAP Analysis Office, sharing some videos here.

Social Media Recap

The event generated over 1,420 tweets in a week

You can see the tweets by day as shown above, with most of the tweets occurring on February 26-27.

Top language was English; it is surprising to me to see Portuguese #2 - #3 is France, as some speakers from France were in attendance ( gregory.botticchio )

Retweet count is shown above

Retweets by day are shown above, with February 26/27 leading

Top tweeters are shown above

Top favorited tweeters are shown above

Text analysis shows that social media topics were the most tweeted text type

Top text analysis items are shown above.


What did I miss?  Next year's event is now open for registration.

An interesting tidbit - I now know what the Bavarian flag looks like; I asked "where's the coffee" and I was told "look for the shop with the Bavarian flag": (cc gregorw )

Source: Cafe Palio/Trip Advisor
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