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From time to time it is possible to find something exceptional. It's just something you don’t find every day. And one of these findings is

Open SAP course BI4 platform Implementation.

So why do I consider it being so great?

  • It's completely free even for non SAP customers.
  • Contains a lot of useful information from people who are pure professionals
  • Contains not only videos but exercises and practical examples as well. Full of how-to images. Detailed and helpful.
  • OK, for whom is that?
  • Primary focus is on administrators
    • Tips before upgrading to BI4 - What sizing tools use and how
    • Very Detailed guide how to perform installation, configuration and upgrade
    • What are the best practices for deployment between individual environments.
    • How to set up and configure BOBJ environment for small or large distributed landscape
    • Best practices for  promotion management to be quicker and more stable
    • Troubleshooting best practices-What tools should be used for issues tracing and problems resolving -focused on network, database and even client layer. SAP BW included. Root cause analysis included.
    • How VMware should be configured for optimal performance in case of virtual environments
    • How to setup and use monitoring app
    • How to setup authorization, authentification and SSO
    • How to perform performance tests with jMeter
    • ...

For BOBJ coordinators & application managers

    • What is New in BI4  platform
    • How to setup and optimize change management (deploying from dev to prod)
    • When new Service pack or fix will be released?
    • What is the best patching strategy?
    • What can be done for monitoring platform and its components for being able to predict possible performance issues
    • What can be done for resolving possible user issues
    • Where is information about limitations for your release
    • What are supported prerequisites for individual tools
    • What is SAP strategy for dashboards
    • ...

A few demo images:

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