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This is part 2 of an ASUG webcast earlier this month.  Please note these are my rough notes.

Part 1 is BI4.1 Monitoring - ASUG Webcast Notes, Part 1

Figure 1: Source: SAP

Probes are scripted events that can be scheduled at different times

These are meant to simulate workflows that a user might perform

Figure 2: Source: SAP

Three kinds of probes – health – integer Boolean – CMS logon log off

Diagnostic – reports that contain current system information

  • - Default start stop server probe
  • - Records the state of the server

Hybrid – both

Probe schedule service is hosted by Adaptive process server

Figure 3: Source: SAP

Figure 3 shows 1 success and amount of time


Developing and deploying a custom Java probe in BI Platform 4.0 Developing and deploying a custom Java probe in BI Platform 4.0: Tutorial & Sample

Figure 4: Source: SAP

Figure 4 shows a Register probe

An http watch as an example – parameters defining must match the source code

Figure 5: Source: SAP

Figure 5 shows a start / stop – see when Apache started  and stop you will get a failure

Figure 6: Source: SAP

Figure 6 shows a watch list tab – list of watches – a threshold to evaluate of a result of a metric – OK, caution or danger – convert to a traffic light

BI4 comes with a defined list of watches to check the health status of server

Figure 7: Source: SAP

If select the watch in a list – appear in bottom pane (Figure 7)

Danger status – threshold of 7200 seconds

Figure 8: Source: SAP

Figure 8 shows how to customize threshold – general properties, danger.  The speaker suggested setting a Watch to detect check any latency of queries

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