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What is new for the BI Administrator in BI4.1?  The System Configuration Wizard templates, to help you better manage your BI system.


From the SAP help:

"The System Configuration Wizard is a tool that you can use to configure your BI platform deployment

simply and quickly.Thewizard guides you through the basic configuration options, resulting in a working

deployment using common settings such as these:

• which servers you want to start automatically with BI platform

• whether you want to optimize your deployment for maximum performance, or for limited hardware


• the locations of system folders

By default, the wizard is set to run automatically when you log in to the Central Management Console

(CMC), but you can change this setting in the wizard. You can also start the wizard at any time from

the "Manage" area in the CMC."

After you install the BI4.1 platform, you will be prompted with the System Configuration Wizard (after you login as Administrator to the CMC)

You can see in the screen shot above you do not have to show this wizard when the CMC starts

The above shows you select the products you use.   The help says "by deselecting unused products, you can improve the start-up time and resource usage of BI platform."

This "Capacity" screen is really interesting, as it states above this does not replace a sizing exercise (

The default installation is for small scenarios, so you will want to take some time to size and review the provided templates.

Definitely read the help on pages 93-94 of the help.

Next you are prompted for the folder configuation for where you want to save your data and log files.  Again, read the help to guide you.

Finally review your selections and click APPLY


Credit goes to ashishc.morzaria for telling me about this.  I am not a BI administrator but this was so easy I could follow the steps.

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