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Hi All,

A custom data foundation view is a subset of the data foundation Master view. You can use views when editing a large data foundation, and interested in working with a subset of tables. You can define multiple custom views for the data foundation due to the complexity of the data warehouse.

Essentially, need created views for each individual star scheme (like Sales, Production, Finance, Accounting, etc.) plus a view for each
complex dimension structure (like Business Partner, Material, Customer, Plant etc.),


As a result of this set up, the Master view itself has become quite complex, but the design complexity is reduced significantly through the use of the additional views. The main use of the Master view is to manage the join relationships between the star schemes that were designed individually in their respective view. All other modeling should be performed on the individual views.

In this document, am explaining how to create custom data foundation views.

Go to Universe Designer & open the universe --> click the data foundation --> Click the insert list --> Select the insert View --> give the name to the new view --> new Sales View opens automatically --> to add tables to Sales View Select the master view.

Select the required tables from master view --> Right Click the Selected tables --> add to view “Sales”.

Now the Sales view tab has a subset of sales tables.

Use the search functionality to locate a selection of tables to be added to a new custom data foundation view using the Click on show / hide
search panel.

Back to the Master View à to create another view (product: to include the product related tables) and follow the same process to create other


To display more effective ways, display Fact tables, which are those tables that measures are based upon, are Coloredin red adding in the families option.

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