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This past week was SAP Insider BI2016 in Las Vegas.  This year it was held at the Wynn, the first time I've stayed at this hotel.

In addition to the usual lecture sessions, this time SAP Insider had "Meet the Mentor" sessions, which was supposed to last 20 minutes.  With ihilgefort and so many questions, we went over the allotted time.  I was amazed at the number of people who attended.  Maybe next time it can be extended to 45 minutes?

Also in a first, I moderated a customer panel at the end of Wednesday.  Craig Nicholls, CSIRO, Ken Lauver, Lockheed Martin, and Ravi Vandrangi, thryssenkrupp, all shared their experiences and answered questions from the audience.  As a summary, it was agreed that the business owns reporting, and IT is there to help.

Upon entering the hall, we are encouraged to share on social media using hashtags.

Looking at those using the BI2016 tag, the above shows who tweeted the most.  Discussing this with timo.elliott on twitter, he indicated we should measure quality, not quantity.  Good point, to look at retweets and reach.

The most retweeted item was the news about Roambi - see below:

The most favorited tweet was this one by Timo Elliott:

Next, looking at the reach of the BI2016 tag, tweetreach shows a subset of the last 7 day's tweets:

Source: TweetReach

TweetReach also shows the top contributors by retweets and impressions:

Source: Tweet Reach

Of the big news was about Roambi, as twitter shows.  You can watch the keynote here

Source: SAP Keynote

Press release is here

I expect we will learn more about this acquisition of key assets at SAPPHIRENOW/ASUG Annual Conference


Source: SAP

In many of the sessions SAP discussed the tool convergence progress, as shown above.

Some slides too had shown Design Studio as Data Discovery as shown below:

Source: SAP

Design Studio apps such as templates are part of the discovery and analysis

Source: SAP

This slide shows the self-service side of Design Studio, especially 1.6 with the "ready-to-run" templates

Source: SAP

(usual disclaimer that future plans are subject to change)

The above picture is from the SAP Analytics twitter account.  BI4.2 SP2 is expected to be released in Q1 (one presentation, not from SAP, said 2nd week of March)

Design Studio 1.6 SP2 is expected in the SAPPHIRENOW timeframe, with 2.0 towards the end of the year

Analysis Office 2.3 is in the Q2 timeframe, with 2.4 at the end of the year

Lumira 1.30 is planned for Q1, 1.31 Q2 and second half of the year is Lumira 2.x

Source: SAP

My recollection is the planned innovations are the end of the year (Design Studio 2.x)

Source: SAP

(future plans subject to change)

Lumira 2.x is planned to have a new UX; SAP is looking at combining the Visualize and Compose rooms

Source: SAP

The SAP speaker ran out of time, and didn't cover this, but I find this Analysis Office slide to be interesting.

Source: SAP

Predictive Analytics is looking to get a new UX as well.  I attended a very interesting session with Ashish Morzaria, so I hope to cover that separately

Also, discussed at DSAG, looks like Web Intelligence will get a new UX (user experience):

Source: wolfgang.bidner2

Other Sites

I had a nice view of the Las Vegas strip from my room:

Palazzo always reminds me of SAP TechEd

The cab driver told me you cannot gamble at the Trump hotel (no license)

Popeye is also staying at the Wynn, for now.


Here is an animoto of BI2016

This Timo Elliott video of "Timo interviewing Timo" reminds me of one of my favorite TV shows, "Bewitched"

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