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With only one month left before ASUG Annual Conference/SAPPHIRENOW kicks off, I'm sure most people are thinking about what's going on your session schedule.  I've been doing the same and I thought I'd share 5 Business Intelligence sessions that looked particularly interesting.

(Note: While interesting, these 5 may not make it into my 'On the way to...' highlight reel blog.  You'll just have to wait until I get to the airport or on the plane to post that one!!

So, here are 5 sessions that caught my eye:

  1. 0205: Building the Business Case ? How Jazz Aviation’s BI Program Took Flight
    • Everyone knows I'm a sucker for customer stories.  A customer telling how they managed to implement BI and manage scope?  Sounds good to me!
  2. 0410: SAP Lumira in Action at Eli Lilly
    • Self Service BI is a hot topic...
  3. 0307: Norwegian Cruise Line’s Industry-Leading Blueprint to Leverage Big Data for Competitive Advantage
    • And big data is another...
  4. 0301: Coca Cola Group Israel Shares SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI Experience with BI4
    • Mobile makes it a 'Hot Topic Trifecta'!
  5. 0201: The Future of Business Intelligence with SAP BusinessObjects
    • With the rapid innovations in the BI space, a dose of roadmaps every now and then is probably a good thing.

If you're into BI as much as me, I'm sure that these are already on your agenda.  But if you're just getting started or doing some research about the different BI products, these sessions could be a pretty good start down that path.

Remember- you can get a free BI session listing and BI agenda planner curated by the ASUG BI Community online.  Check them out and see you in Orlando!

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