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I attended this AFSUG webcast this past week given by SAP's alexis.sarat .  It was packed full of information.  These are my rough notes.

First the usual legal disclaimer applies, everything is subject to change.   Part 1 is BI Innovations Roadmap Webcast Summary - Part 1, Today .  This is part 2 which covers planned innovations - these are not guaranteed but planned innovations generally covers the next 12-18 months and subject to change.

Figure 1: Source: SAP

Figure 1 shows plans to minimize system downtime for maintenance, invest more in multi-tenant aspects.

Additionally you can compare content before and after upgrade, report on metadata for the system

With the Universe you can use freehand SQL in Web Intelligence

It offers improvements in SDK

It plans to have a Common visualization model across most tools

The plan to provide a developer a web service to connect to universe

Figure 2: Source: SAP

Figure 2 shows SAP plans to integrate with 3rd party visualizations

Figure 3: Source: SAP - Planned Innovations

Figure 3 covers plans common visualizations across BI clients and support for third party GIS providers, thus helping location-based BI.

Figure 4: Source: SAP Planned Innovations

Figure 4 covers plans for Lumira including direct connectivity to BW. 

Figure 5: Source: SAP - planned innovations

Figure 5 covers more about BI-BW integration future planned innovations

Figure 6: Source: SAP - planned innovations

Figure 6 covers planned innovations for Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports, which are part of the Reporting category.

They will have improved connectivity to HANA, connect to Mobile easier

Crystal includes improvements to SDK and third party charting

Figure 7: Source: SAP planned innovations

Figure 7 shows planned improvements in Design Studio with investments in Mobile, supporting the BYOD policy.  Planned improvements include printing and export

Design Studio will support Android

Figure 8: Source: SAP

BusinessObjects Explorer is planned to have a new interface, navigation, and an improved experience and speed for large data

Analysis OLAP will have more drill through capabilities.

Analysis Office is planned to have a enrich data set annotations

Figure 9: Source: SAP

Next release plans to connect directly to BW, connect to unstructured data sources.

Lumira Cloud plans to connect to on premise data source, API for data connections

Figure 10: Source: SAP

Figure 10 shows planned improvements for BI and Big Data

Figure 11: Source: SAP planned innovations

Planned innovations in Figure 11 include support for Lumira Desktop and better offline capabilities

Future Direction

Figure 12: Source: SAP

Figure 12 shows the planned future direction in the key areas.

Figure 13: Source: SAP

Figure 13 shows the plans for zero downtime, to have BI to up 99.9x%+ solution

Future direction includes improving performance, improve monitoring and patching tools

Users can trust the information and it all be in one place

Figure 14: Source: SAP

Figure 14 shows the future direction includes "access all kinds of data", constant experience, access to the system

It includes plans for open visualizations, perhaps even industry specific

Figure 15: Source: SAP

Data manipulation – on Lumira has the beginning of that; plan to expand that in BI suite with data transformation and manipulation

Agile visualization is the key area of investment of BI, to explore the data, and ask questions of the data

“What is my performance of the quarter”

Not only report on the data but explore the data as well

Amazing, but there were no questions at the end of this AFSUG webcast.  It was very complete and very good, and thanks to Alexis and zimkhita.buwa

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