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February 2013

Business Intelligence News

Strategies for creating an information-driven culture

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Welcome to BI News!

For many, February represents a bit of a lull after the festivities of December and January so we thought it would be the perfect time to spice up the newsletter. Instead of the ACT Newsletter, it will now be called Business Intelligence News and you can subscribe to have upcoming issues mailed directly to you. SUBSCRIBE HERE Along with all the changes, we thought this would be a good time to cover the hottest topics in BI for 2013 including 3D dashboards, mobile solutions, predictive analytics, and “Big Data.”

Whether you are learning about this newsletter for the first time or back to see the newest issue, we hope you will subscribe so we can keep sharing strategies and innovations around Business Intelligence at SAP. Our goal is to support your journey in transforming your organization to be information-driven.

Next month, we will share solutions and strategies to make managing your BI environment easier.

Saskia Battersby, GM BI Solution Management


Analyze This! Steve Lucas Talks About SAP's Approach to Big Data and How It Is Revolutionizing Busin...

No one collects Big Data for bragging rights. Companies go to the trouble only if the information is (or will be) valuable. The trick? Getting Big Data insights out to the most employees, in real time.

Read Steve Lucas's blog post to explore the important role analytics plays in delivering Big Data va...

Imagine 3D Modeling and Dashboards - Run Better Optimized Processes

When your product has a problem, how difficult is it to find the piece causing the problem? Can you see the other parts of the product that are impacted? Spatial questions like these  are common in many industries – and have traditionally been  difficult to answer with analytic results. But new technology is helping us see 3D data in dashboards for supply chain analysis, engineering performance, and factory work flows.

See how you can turn spatial problems into answers with 3D data »

What’s up with Mobile BI in 2013

A recent research report from Ovum suggests that Mobile BI is here to stay and businesses have an increasing need to respond quickly to changes to stay competitive. Big screen mobile devices are expected to grow from 5 million in 2008 to 74 million in 2015, representing 682% absolute growth over a seven year period. How are you prepping for the mobile shift?

Three steps to start mobilizing your BI investments today »

SAP Predictive Analysis and HANA: Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Are you looking to segment your customer base to find data that answers questions  such as: Who’s shopping online? Who are your return customers? What are their top characteristics? UseSAP Predictive Analysis software to test your theories scientifically, rather than making multimillion-dollar "gut decisions.”

See how SAP Predictive Analysis can support simpler, faster, and more accurate decision making »

Want to help improve SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence?

Here's a unique opportunity for you to directly influence the development of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence! Suggestions will be collected in our "Customer Connection" program until March 22, 2013.

Find out how you can participate and submit your ideas »

Using Visual Intelligence to Get the Right Data

If you don't have the right data, information management can be pointless. Trying to manipulate data with 110 columns and thousands of rows in Excel can be overwhelming. So what do you do? Spot data quality issues with SAP Visual Intelligence to get you back on the right track.

Take a look at this step by step guide for SAP Visual Intelligence »

What can you do with SAP Visual Intelligence?

With the release of SAP Visual Intelligence software, a new solution for data discovery, we pushed the creative limits of users with the Data Geek Challenge. We urged participants to try the software and see what kind of creative insights they could uncover from their data. Watch the video to see how the challenge unfolded.

View the top 10 entries using SAP Visual Intelligence »

More details on the contest page ( »

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SAP Launches Analytics Dashboard for Fantasy Football Fans

SAP has created a dashboard for fans who participate in the Fantasy Player of the Year 2012 competition. The dashboard displays the stats of the top eight finalists in a visually rich format, combining SAP-generated analytics with fantasy football data.

Read more about the SAP and NFL partnership »

McLaren Group Runs Faster with SAP

McLaren is accustomed to handling Big Data because on every lap of the Grand Prix, practice, or test session, its Formula 1 cars generate vast quantities of performance data.McLaren’s ability to process that data and act on it rapidly is crucial to creating the kind of prescriptive intelligence that enables the company to transform the outcome of races. Watch these videos to see McLaren's unique demands for SAP software implementation:

McLaren's driver Lewis Hamilton explains how they use the data from an F1 car »

What does a real-time dashboard from SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards for a Formula 1 race car look li...

See how real-time data from SAP HANA creates a Formula 1 simulator with 3D data below »

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Latest Version of SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

The newest release of SAP BusinessObjects Mobile mobile app allows users to visualize, explore, collaborate and share business performance through personalized views in a secure environment designed natively for iPad. The updates allow for highly interactive dashboard capabilities, one mobile app for all BI content, and powerful and consistent functionality.

More details on SAP BusinessObjects Mobile update »

SAP Predictive Analysis Now Available

This advanced analysis solution helps organizations gain a competitive edge by uncovering and predicting trends in their businesses. SAP Predictive Analysis software can be deployed as a standalone or with other SAP software, including the SAP HANA platform, to unleash powerful predictive capabilities.

SAP Newsroom Announcement »

What does SAP Predictive Analysis have? »

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Now Available

Create visually stunning, interactive dashboards and data-driven applications for both mobile devices and the Web. SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio software enables you to mobilize your current SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) content and is designed as the premium alternative to SAP BEx Web application designer. It connects directly with SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP HANA, enabling you to reuse existing data assets (including SAP NetWeaver BW queries and cubes, and SAP HANA views) without disruption.

Learn about the core benefits of SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio »

How is SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio the new tool for dashboarding on top of SAP BW and SAP HANA...

SAP Visual Intelliegence 1.0.7 Now Available

The SAP Visual Intelligence point-and-click interface and engaging visualizations allow you to quickly analyze data for rapid time to insight and business agility - no scripting required.

Get the free 30-day trial »

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February 27, 2013: Data to Decision: Leveraging Big Data Webinar - Presented by Pat Saporito and Christian Blumhoff

March 12, 2013: VisiChat - Live Twitter Chat on Data Visualization - Tweet Chat

March 19, 2013: Bridging the Gaps Between Strategy and Execution - Webinar

March 19-22, 2013: SAP Insider BI 2013 - Las Vegas, NV

May 14-16, 2013: SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference - Orlando, FL

September 9-12, 2013: ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference - Anaheim, CA



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