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You are just landing in Orlando to attend SAPPHIRE  but still did not get time to pick up your presentations to attend. Don’t worry,  If your focus is SAP BI, this quick guide can help you. SAP has provided pre-built agenda for different stream , following URL can take you to pre-built agenda suggested by SAP.

(SAP Custom Agenda can be reached here:

To focus on a particular type of presentations, we need to understand the broad categories of BI applications


In Memory Computing:

SAP HANA (Originally stands for High Performance Analytical Appliance) is using In memory computing fundamentals that is changing the way, we have used BI and Databases. It uses highly compressible column storage for data storage and retrieval purpose; in addition to using the high performance system memory based storage. 

A number of top executives will be planning to replace their existing BI landscape by a landscape using HANA, where their query can be executed within a fraction of second. In addition to fast processing HANA provides easy integration and modeling capabilities.

Cloud Applications

Presently every one of us  is using some kind of cloud application in life  e.g. Salesforce, Google Doc  etc. SAP BI Applications are extended it’s reach to cloud by using SAP BO Applications. Cloud application is a need of the time and all the road warriors need to have one to make business decisions.

GRC Applications

BI Applications for GRC are design around reporting of compliance and authorization in a business process.

Financial Application

Financial applications are targeting for financial dashboard and planning application using tools like EPM or BPC.

Core BI

Core BI deals with SAP BI Core applications including SAP BW and Business Objects Tools (together called as SAP BI4.0)


Master Treasury and Financial Risk Management

Discussion Table


Meet Any Information Need with Better BI Solutions

Demo Station


Manage Risk and Compliance to Better Perform and Better Protect Value

Discussion Table


Manage Risk, Align Execution with Strategy, and Plan Effectively

Test-Drive Area


Deliver Rapid Value Across Your Company with Analytics in the Cloud

Demo Station


Drive Competitive Advantage Through Innovative Banking Solutions

Discussion Table


SAP HANA Use Cases

Education Session


Take Control and Compliance to the Next Level with Automated Controls

Microforum Discussion


Leveraging SAP HANA for Predictive Analytics

Microforum Discussion


SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse: Powered by SAP HANA (2 HOUR Session)

Education Session


Explore Next-Generation Data Visualization and Predictive Analytics

Demo Theater


Honeywell's Real-Time Business Platform: An SAP HANA Use Case

20-Minute Presentation


Real-Time Analytics for Small and Midsize Customers, Powered by SAP HANA

Microforum Discussion


The SAP Cloud Portfolio: What Are the Right Choices for My Company?

Microforum Discussion


Angelica Uses SAP BusinessObjects Software to Expand Information Access

Microforum Discussion


Take Your Business on the Road with Mobile BI

Microforum Discussion


SAP HANA in the Cloud: An Introduction

Microforum Discussion

Happy Sapphire!

About Praveen Kumar:

Praveen is a SAP Certified HANA and BI Architect working in SAP BI Technology  for more than 9 years and overall in SAP technologies over 15 years. Praveen is participating in the Sapphire Orlando as a BI Consultant.

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