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Last year, Peter Muessig and I developed a website to showcase a variety of packages that can enhance your UI5 application development experience.

With SAP's introduction of the plugin system for CAP, and the increasing availability of packages (like this Blog Post from today), including open-source offerings from SAP, I felt inspired to create a dedicated portal for CAP resources. Hence, the launch of a new website:


Initially, I replicated the backend and frontend of the original site, making adjustments to focus on "cap-js" instead of "UI5".

I have already incorporated packages from the "cap-js" organization on GitHub.

If you have developed a package for CAP, whether it's for the plugin system or to assist in CAP application development, I invite you to contribute your package here:

As the site is a quick adaptation of the original source code (including some UI5 images), suggestions for enhancements and other contributions are highly appreciated!


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