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According to the stats, there are around 2.46 million Android apps whereas 1.96 million apps are holding the hands of Apple’s App Store.  And the numbers are likely to increase if not quadruple but doubled for sure in the coming years.

The faster and never-ending requirements of mobile applications are offering ample opportunities to the mobile app development companies. But somewhere between the cut-throat competition prevailing in the market, coming up with something great or unique can give an extra edge to the whole business. 

When we specifically talk about growing and expanding the business, there is no better solution than mobile applications. Mobile applications are the ultimate solution to stay connected with the users all day all season until and unless connectivity disrupts the whole pleasure. Cutting the issue in a versatile way, offline applications are also trending which altogether are giving a brand new opportunity to mobile app development companies to develop applications that can work even without an internet connection. 

Offline applications are the direct causing of PWA applications that can work even after slower or no connectivity. Accepting the same and analyzing the need of the hour- offline apps, mobile app development agencies are continuously working to offer greatly functionalized and fully featured apps to the users. Hence, there are several offline applications for both iOS and Android available for the users, a few among them are-

  • Google Drive

  • Google Translator

  • Amazon Kindle or Google Play Books

  • Reddit offline

  • Splend Apps

  • TickTick

  • Pandora Radio

  • Tidal and many more. 

Offline applications are the best way to remain in touch with potential users and a great way to attract new ones. Offline apps are also trending as they are filling the gap between populated countries with the issue of data connectivity, variations in-network coverage, zero reception zones, and also for those places where getting reliable connections is cracking nuts with teeth. In addition, connectivity issues while traveling is also minimized with the help of offline apps. 

To beat the heat, there is another concept or better say a buzz called SAP cloud platform is entering the world of the app development industry carrying the possibility of collapsing the mountains of connectivity issues.

Before exploring all the major benefits of SAP, let us first understand the concept of SAP precisely. 


A Brief Introduction About SAP

Formerly known as Sybase Unwired Platform, SAP Mobile Platform is a mobile enterprise application platform that is designed for simplifying the task of creating applications. Those applications that connect business data to mobile devices for better workflow management and back-office integration. 

Furthermore, the platform enables a layer of middleware between heterogeneous back-end data sources like relational databases, files and enterprise applications, and the mobile devices that are required to read and write back-end data.  

Development tools that are available in the SAP Mobile Platform make app developers write the business logic of the mobile applications. Through the technology integrated into it, the end product automatically translation required to create customized versions of the new application that too for a wide variety of mobile devices and also for the operating systems.  

The overall intent of the platform is to develop and create complex yet easier and faster mobile applications by using multiple data sources that can work on many different mobile devices. 

For the ease and efficiency of mobile applications, the cloud platform is categorized into several categories of- 

  • Collaboration

  • Security

  • User experience

  • Integration

  • Mobile

  • Business services

  • Runtimes and containers

  • Analytics

  • Data and storage

  • Internet of things

  • DevOps

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Also,  SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services (SCP Mobile Services) does provide reusable building blocks for enhancing the overall mobile user experience such as- 

  • Push notifications

  • Offline Data Synchronization for apps

  • Enterprise Security

As this is a brief introduction about SAP and its basis, let us indulge in its benefits to understanding the core of it. 


Benefits of SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services

Push Notifications

In order to make users keep in touch with you, it is required to push or feed them information regarding your services, products or any update taking place. To do so, push notifications are the best way for engaging users and also a great tool to remind them about your products, services and other major changes. All of these things wrapped around their anticipated questions and requirements. 

By using notification mechanisms like FCM, APNS, WNS, SAP that is provided by the individual device platform like Windows, iOS, Android, Cloud Platform mobile services, and operations makes the tasks of notifications easier and smarter.

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Secure Access to Entrepreneurial Data

Data is the essence or better say the backbone of any organization, losing data in cyber theft or any internet mishappening can possess a great loss to the organization. Thus, SCP mobile services provide secure access to all mobile data. 

Due to secure access, the authorized person can securely connect and authenticate against SCP for accessing the backend system irrespective of whether it is on-premise or on a cloud system. 


Customized Approach

Not only helping in creating mobile applications/entrepreneurial applications, but the flexible approach already existing in the mobile application can also be customized as per the requirements and needs. 


The platform carries the ability to create a powerful yet friendly environment required for developing cross-platform applications. 

Loyal Customers

Offering exactly the same a user is asking for ensures more customer loyalty from them. Thus, by using the platform, app agencies can develop a user-centric mobile application with improved operations without spending a lot. 


Business Impact

SAP mobile platform carries platforms and mobile solutions that can be integrated into the device. 


Mulitple Support

It offers multi-platform for mobile app developers enabling them to build applications exactly the way they want to create while using their skill set and tools. By following the practice, developers can save the extra development time, effort and cost. 


Secured Integration

It is possible for cloud users to authenticate with on-premises credentials through SCP mobile services as a proxy to other cloud or on-premises identity providers. 



SCP mobile services also contain a sort of device registration feature that allows a device to be de-authorized when the device is lost or stolen to prevent crucial data.


Usage Monitoring

SCP mobile services also provide analytics features for monitoring app usage against a different platform that too as per the device type or user group. 


Mobile Card Kit

It is the feature within the SAP cloud platform Mobile services that are meant for offering access to a mircroapp platform for publishing data into a consumer-grade “wallet” or “passbook” style app.

Mobile Development Kit

It is another feature in SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, it is a metadata-driven tool that helps users to customize native SAP applications while creating a new native mobile application for both iOS and Android. 

The kit exclusively uses SAP Web IDE Full-Stack and the SAP Cloud Platform for enabling customization, deployments, along with managing apps in the cloud.

If you also wish to invest in a Cloud-based mobile application, make sure to hire the best cloud-based mobile app development company.
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