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SAP NetWeaver MDM 7.1 is the proven infrastructure technology for cross-domain master data consolidation and harmonization across the enterprise.

See also below: Overview - benefits of NetWeaver MDM

The latest support package, released on March 28, 2013, provides you with the following benefits:

Integration with SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward (DB-Views)

Now you can integrate MDM with other downstream systems via MDM DB Views.

You can enhance MDM capabilities using SAP Data Services (DS) for matching, cleansing, data enrichment, and ETL. You can also enhance MDM capabilities using SAP Information Steward (IS) for Data Profiling.

A new MDM CLIX command generates DB Views which can be consumed directly using the DBMS capabilities.

NW-MDM web-user capabilities

  • Export and Import via Web-Dynpro

In previous versions, via the WebDynpro, you could export only the display values of the lookup fields and you could not import this exported file.

As of MDM 7.1 SP10, "Advanced Export" functionality enables you to export all the values in a lookup field and you can also import this exported file via the WebDynpro.

The “Advance Export” / Import – is actually using the MDM-Syndication server and the MDM-Import server. It means that all the file formats which are supported by these servers are also supported by the WebDynpro “Advance Export” / Import. Also it means that all field types are supported: text, tuples, main table lookups, etc.

  • Now, via the basic export in WebDynpro you can export also the Qualified Lookup fields.

  • Finding data easily (lookup auto-suggest items).

As of MDM 7.1 SP10, the lookup fields could be configured for Auto-Suggest so at runtime as you starts typing text, the lookup field will display the lookup values that start with the entered text.

  • Sorting
    • Matching Enhancements: Now you can also sort the Class and Score matching fields (columns) in a Match WebDynpro component.
    • Item Details WebDynpro Component: Sorting of tuple member fields is supported.

Enhance data model of the master data (tuple)

Enhanced tuple (data type) functionalities - You can now define a currency field type within tuple member fields.

Up till now you could only store a maximum of 8 digits in a tuple field. Now you can use the currency data-type in a Tuple to store a number with a precision of about 16 digits. The Currency data-type can be used with or without the currency symbol.

Enhanced security

You can now enforce the use of strong and secure passwords in MDM by configuring password requirements including minimum and maximum password length, password complexity requirements (use of uppercase, lowercase, digits, special characters), and preventing re-use of previous passwords (by keeping a password history for users). The configured password requirements apply to all MDM client applications.

UI enhancements

In the GUI of MDM Data Manager, the fields for which the user has read-only access are now disabled by default and appear grayed out.

Enhanced MDM workflow administrator capabilities

Email destination is based on data field - You can now define for each record, the people that will be notified when a specific record is changed in an MDM table. For example - each SKU/Product in the main table has a different owner who should get a notification email upon a change in this product. You can add a text filed in any table in MDM (configurable in MDM) and fill it with the email address. The Notify step will read the data form this field and will send the email to this email address.

The Workflow Notify step contains two new properties to support this feature. In addition, you can now embed any main table field value into the email body or email title by using the new %Code=Name% variable workflow notifications code.

Enhanced MDM Client capabilities

You can now use MDM Data Manager to export data from lookup main fields to Excel, Access, or text files, in the same way as for any other field type.

Enhanced error reporting

MDM-Import-Manager logs into a file - Now, when there is any failure in the import process via the Import Manager, you will have a report file that you can send to other people in order to resolve the issue. The import log file contains Source record ID, Reason for failure to import, matching field names, and matching field values.

MDM Configuration Assistant

Now you can easily manage the configuration of all MDM Servers that are based on the keys in the ini files of the MDM server (MDS, MDIS, and MDSS).

This tool will also help you to validate the keys and will prevent errors in the MDM configuration. For more details see SAP Note 1543650

Improved supportability

  • Now you can better monitor the repository status by using the SAP Solution Manager Diagnostic (WILY) reporting metrics. This includes:

o    Method name that was executed in the performance metrics and repository status.

o    For import and syndication: performance metrics based on repository and remote systems; files in ready and exception folders.

  • Enhanced automatic SLD (System Landscape) registration

And What’s Next?

SAP NetWeaver MDM is a mature product on a stable core. Continuous improvements are planned as usual in annual Support Packages. SP11 is planned to be released in Q4 2013.

Overview- NetWeaver MDM benefits

The NetWeaver MDM has the following added value:

  • Low TCO:

o Quick and easy to install.

o Supporting most common database servers' vendors, including: Oracle, MS-SQL, DB2 and MaxDB.

o NW-MDM does not require an installed SAP-ECC system in order to run the NW-MDM.

o Easier backup with archives, user maintenance, single console tool for all basis functions.

  • Governance can be achieved by using BPM (SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management) and reuse of validation rules.

  • PIM (Product Information Management) Support includes: Taxonomy, attributes, attached media (images/PDFs)

  • Flexible data-model - such as Tuples

  • Distributed scenario: NW-MDM enables each system to create its own new record.

  • Harmonization: You can syndicate data from MDM and import the same data into all systems within the customer company in order to harmonize the data

  • Consolidation - A single record in MDM (consolidated) now supports all occurrences of the record in all consuming systems each consuming system having its own unique key. NW-MDM match, merge and create persistency of best records based on a user review process.  NW-MDM is not embedded in the ECC system and stands for master data that consolidates data out of different systems from different landscapes.

  • Heterogeneous landscape: SAP NW MDM provides a solution for heterogeneous landscape related issues. This solution is also for landscapes that are not SAP system driven. MDM will integrate into a mixed SAP landscape of multiple (but differently configured) ECC clients, SRM and CRM clients as well as third-party ERP applications or legacy mainframe systems.  MDM can also speed the integration of mergers or acquisitions.

  • Data Quality (DQ) for cleaning - SAP NW MDM provides integration with SAP BODS DQ tool solution.

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