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In the world of enterprise software, maintaining a clean and optimized core system is vital for organizations to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape. SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) offers a powerful solution by enabling businesses to keep their core clean while leveraging cloud-based services and innovation capabilities. In this blog post, we will explore what "keeping the core clean" means in the context of SAP BTP and why it is essential for unlocking agility and innovation.

What Does "Keeping the Core Clean" Mean?

Keeping the core clean refers to the practice of minimizing customization and modifications to the core ERP system, such as SAP S/4HANA, and leveraging cloud-based services provided by SAP BTP for additional functionalities, extensions, and innovation. It involves adopting a modular and decoupled approach where the core system focuses on essential business processes and data integrity, while non-core functions are handled through integration with SAP BTP services.

Benefits of Keeping the Core Clean with SAP BTP:

  1. Enhanced Agility: By minimizing modifications to the core system, organizations can upgrade their ERP system more easily and frequently, benefiting from the latest innovations and bug fixes offered by SAP. This results in faster time-to-market for new features and capabilities.

  2. Reduced Complexity: Keeping the core system clean helps to reduce the complexity of managing and maintaining customizations. It allows businesses to leverage pre-built integration scenarios, extensions, and applications available on SAP BTP, eliminating the need for extensive custom development within the core system.

  3. Scalable and Future-Proof Architecture: SAP BTP provides a scalable cloud platform with a wide range of services, such as SAP Cloud Platform Integration, API Management, and Workflow, which can be seamlessly integrated with the core system. This enables organizations to meet evolving business needs without compromising system performance or stability.

  4. Innovation Enablement: By utilizing SAP BTP, businesses can tap into a rich ecosystem of ready-to-use applications, industry-specific solutions, and partner offerings. They can leverage these innovations to extend the functionality of their core system and drive digital transformation initiatives without impacting the stability of their core processes.

Examples of Keeping the Core Clean with SAP BTP:

  1. Customer Experience: Organizations can use SAP BTP services, such as SAP Commerce Cloud or SAP Marketing Cloud, to enhance customer engagement and deliver personalized experiences without heavily customizing the core ERP system.

  2. Integration and Connectivity: SAP BTP offers robust integration capabilities, allowing organizations to connect their core system with external systems, suppliers, and customers. This enables seamless data exchange and process automation while keeping the core system lightweight and efficient.

  3. Advanced Analytics: Leveraging SAP Analytics Cloud or SAP Data Warehouse Cloud on SAP BTP, organizations can perform advanced analytics and reporting on data from multiple sources, providing valuable insights without burdening the core ERP system.


Keeping the core clean with SAP BTP is a strategic approach that empowers organizations to maintain a stable, scalable, and future-proof core system while leveraging cloud-based services for agility and innovation. By adopting this approach, businesses can reduce complexity, accelerate innovation, and drive digital transformation without compromising the integrity of their core processes. Embrace SAP BTP as your strategic technology platform and unlock the full potential of a clean core for enhanced business agility and continuous innovation.
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