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a) Filling the setup table for LO cockpit datasources mostly performed in dialog through:

T-code: SBIW->Setting for App.specific Datasources(PI)-> Logistics-> Managing extract structure-> Initialization-> Filling in the setup table-> Application-specific setup of statistical Data-> *Choose required Setup table-> Fill the setup table.

(This activity is performed for Init purpose for delta enabled datasources)

b) In many cases, the LO datasource extraction needs to be in full load always.

c) In order to make it automated for filling the setup table without any manual intervention, we need to schedule the batch job to fill the setup table.

d) To achieve this, we need to findout the program for setup table.

e) lets findout the program for Purchasing setup table.

f) Open the setup table screen for Purchasing through SBIW:

g) From the screen bottom right, get the program name as shown below:

h) Goto SM36 and give job name:

i) Click on Step button to mention the program name.

Mention the program name and Variant(if anything) click on save.

j) Schedule the job in background by clicking the button Start Condition:

k) Click on Immediate, check Periodic job and click on periodic value:

l) Choose the required periodic value as per the requirement and click on save. Again click on save in the main screen.

m) Now click on save as shown below to schedule the job and monitor the job in SM37.

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