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Here is my second blog post regarding SAP Build. I created a simple weather app using an open-source API that shows the current temperature of my location and the temperature, latitude, and longitude of a city we have searched for.

I implemented this by having a home page and a search page.

Using the rest API integration, I created two data resources.

I've added a search button, two text boxes, and an image to the homepage.



By selecting the "Search" button on the homepage, it will navigate to the search page.


The logic behind my homepage and the bounded formula for the local temperature are shown below.

On the search page, I have added an image, an input field to get the location, and a container with two buttons named search and my location.

By selecting the "Search" button, it will get the record for the entered city and set the temperature, latitude, and longitude accordingly.

The homepage will be reached by clicking the "My Location" button on the search page.

The bounded formula for the temperature, latitude, and longitude of the input city is shown below.

Finally, the weather app will appear as follows.

The name and temperature of the current place are shown on the homepage.



You can post feedback or queries you may have about this blog in the comments. Thank you.
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