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Hello Everyone,

In this document I am going to show you the basic navigation's we need to do when login to the brand new SAP HANA system.

This includes the following.

1) Adding System

2) Package Creation

1) Adding System: Once the SAP HANA is installed and when we click on 'HANA Studio' the below screen will come up.

In the above screen left side, 'Navigator' space will show what are all the system available in this Studio. As this is new system the first step we have to do is add the system.

Step1: right click in the Navigator space, click on 'Add System'

Step2: In the next screen we have to mention 'Hostname' and 'Instance Number'.

Note: We can have multiple systems with same hostname but different instance number.

Select the language and click on 'Next'.

Step3: Here we have to authenticate this system by providing user name and password.

Click on 'Next' and then 'Finish' to see you system in the Navigator.

Once the system is added, a schema will be created based with the 'user name' we provided for authentication. In this if we drill down the 'catalog', we can see the schema with name 'P1001301'. Schema contains the objects(tables, views) created and customizations done by that particular user.

We have 2 main perspectives in SAP HANA.

i) Administration Console: Where in we can perform all DB level monitoring and activities.

ii) Information Modeler: This is the place where all can create their models in SAP HANA.

2) Package Creation: Package is a collection of objects modeled in SAP HANA. We can create 3 types of models/views in SAP HANA.

i) Attribute View.

ii) Analytic Views

iii) Calculation Views

iv) Analytical Privileges : Authenticate users before data is displayed or authentication of business rules.

Packaged is used to hold this objects in SAP HANA.

Step1: Goto 'Information Modeler' perspective (Window --> Open Perspective -->other -->Modeler -->Ok). We will get below screen.

The right side of the above screen is called 'Quick Launch' of Information Modeler.All the packages will be grouped under 'Content'

Step2: We can create the new package in 2 ways

1) Right Click on 'content' --> New Package

2) Directly click on 'Create' in the Quick Launch.

In then next screen give below details.

Package Name, Description.

Step3: Click on 'Ok' to see your package under 'Content' folder.

Each Package contains below sub folders.

1) Attribute Views

2) Analytic Views

3) Calculation Views

4) Analytic Privileges.

Hope this document will be helpful for beginers in SAP HANA hands on.

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