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BASE64 Example Application released!

    Base64 encoding and decoding is a critical  feature when processing XML files using PowerBuilder's PBDOM feature, using an XML DataWindow or interacting with Web Services that pass binary data back and forth. The binary data will be in base64 encoded text and unusable to your PB application unless decoded (converted back) to its original binary state. Conversely, binary data that your PB application needs to send to other applications in XML format will need to be converted (encoded) into base64 text.



     The Base64 Example was written using PB version 12.1 and the STD Integrated Framework. The example application can run natively or within a Web Browser as the framework also supports the Appeon Web product.

     The Base64 Example application utilizes standard Microsoft Base64 API's supplied by the MS-Windows O/S.These API's are now embedded in the framework's "nc_crypto_master" object class and easily called from your PowerScript code, as follows:

  • lo_crypto.of_base64_stringtobinary ( lblb_image , ls_base64 )

     You can download the PowerBuilder Classic Base64 Example Application from the STD Framework's website by clicking here!


Regards ... Chris

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