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Here In this example, barcode generated is a combination of Personnel Number and Trip Number.

Go to Transaction SFP.

Create an Interface with two parameters GV_PERNR & GV_REINR under Import.

Save and Activate the Interface.

Create an form and Drag and Drop the GV_PERNR and GV_REINR Values from Interface on the left side to Context on the right side.

Goto Layout Tab.

Goto Palettes -> Library.

Under Barcodes, select the type of Barcode – I have selected Code 128.

Place it in the Form. Adjust the size of the barcode as required.

Drag and drop GV_PERNR and GV_REINR in the form.

For Barcode, maintain the Data length as 18 (Personnel number – 8 & Trip Number - 10)

Barcode value is combination of Personnel Number and Trip Number.

Form Calc Language is used to generate the Barcode Number so the Value is selected as ‘Calculated-Read Only’.

Form Calc Code is written to generate Barcode. It is written under Initialize Event.


Save and Activate the Form.

Execute the Form.


Provide the inputs – Personnel Number – 00000001 & Trip Number - 0000001234

Click on Execute.

Enter the Output Device and Click on Print Preview.


Barcode is generated which is a combination of Personnel Number and Trip Number.

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