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In a previous blog, I already mentioned a lot of new features and enhancements being released with SP2 of the new B2B add-on. One of those new features is the EDI search parameter module.

This new adapter module is configured on the receiver EDI Separator adapter and automatically assigns correlation ID and dynamic header parameters on detecting any format of EDI messages. It enables monitoring based on sender ID, receiver ID, interchange number, and correlation number.


SAP introduced a new module, localejbs/EDISearchParametersModule, which you can use within the receiver EDI separator adapter


The result can be obtained directly within the monitoring.

In my example, 3 EDI interchanges, containing multiple EDI messages, were received by the SAP PO system.

When you click on a message in the monitoring, an extra tab page appears: B2B acknowledgements.

That new tab contains all relevant information.

The correlation ID(*) is retrieved from the Message sender and the interchange ID, both in the UNB segment.

This correlation can be very useful when you need to look for problems and want to correlate the CONTRL message with the EDI Interchange.

(*) The correlation ID has 3 parts

  • Interchange Control Number
  • Interchange Sender ID
  • Interchange Receiver ID

Important remark

In case you are using the EDI search parameter module, please do set it before the genericConverterModule and after TPMContentAccessModule (Trading partner Management information access during run time).

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