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In this blog, you will learn about a solution that has been developed for the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2019.

One of our customers have a large customer base and processes hundreds of orders on daily basis. They have a customer support team which handles customer queries regarding their orders, delivery status, stock related inquiries, etc. As the business is expanding, the cost of maintaining this customer support team is constantly increasing. Customer has been demanding a solution for handling the ever increasing volume of inquiries.

Our solution B1Chat is an answer to this problem of handling customer inquiries with NO HUMAN INTERVENTION. It was important to build a platform which is easy to use, should not require any training for the end user and which responds to customer with their queries.

Also, authentication of the user was very important. Due to public availability of the solution, we have added OTP which is sent as SMS to the registered mobile number.

B1Chat is a chatbot which is integrated with SAP Business One at the backend, pulls the data through SAP Business One service layer and provides real time information to the end user.

B1Chat Solution Demo Video

Submission Details

Solution Name


Solution Description

B1Chat is a chat bot for SAP Business One. It allows end customers to inquire about products, their orders, invoices and payments through FaceBook Messenger or Website Chatbot.

Solution Use Case

Real Customer Use-Case

Customer is one of the largest distributors for electronics and electrical components. Customer have 15 branches across India and services around 30,000 active customers. Customer processes around 1000 orders daily.

One of the constant challenge is to ensure timely flow of information regarding orders, their status and availability of stock.

Chatbot integrated with SAP Business One will allow the customers to inquire about their orders, stock and other things directly and will be able to get real time information at all times.

Persona Identified

Pain Points

Unsatisfied customers due to lack of information regarding their orders.

Constantly increasing cost due to hiring of more and more customer support executives to respond to customer inquiries.

Solution Details

B1Chat is chatbot for SAP Business One which can be deployed and used from Facebook Messenger or Website Chat.

B1Chat allows users to do following kind of inquiries:

  • Account balance

  • Open orders

  • Order Status

  • Stock status

  • Open Invoices

B1Chat is secured by way of OTP. It sends an OTP to the registered mobile number of the customer and only upon verification of OTP it allows the customer access data.

B1Chat improves the overall customer experience by allowing them to get real time information as per their convenience in an easy manner.

Solution Technology

Service Layer

FlowXO - Chatbot Platform

Facebook Messenger

Msg91 - SMS Integration

Solution Architecture

Go-to-Market Strategy

Industry Focus

B1Chat is a cross-vertical solution which can be used by customers in any industry.

Marketing Strategy

We are using Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing to reach customers and partners to popularise the solution.

Road Map

We are looking at adding following capabilities in near future:

  • More support for NLP

  • Create orders and quotations from B1Chat

  • Make payments from B1Chat

Contact Information

Partner - Accelon Technologies Private Limited

Country - India

Team Name - B1Chat

Team Members - Rahul, Ravishankar, Jyoti, Ashish


Chatbots have become extraordinarily popular during last few years. There are too many platforms and technologies for building chatbots. Selecting one was very difficult. We chose the technologies on the basis of ease of development and less turnaround time.

As a result B1Chat is a solution which can be deployed for a new customer within 5-6 working days, starting from script to final execution and deployment.

We are very hopeful that this solution will be able to help several SAP Business One customers extend their services and improve customer service.


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