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There were 18 members to be onboarded to start an SCP HANA Development Project. I thought to create a UI5 App for them to get there userIDs for the SCP Neo DB but it might have taken more time.

Then I thought to use Microsoft Forms and tried to fetch the data from the Microsoft SharePoint. Due to some authorization issues, I was not able to do it.

Just then I found some capabilities of Power Automate which can be used for automating this. So here I present a simple solution to the onboarding of users in SCP Neo DB.


Here is what I have developed ->

  • Created a Microsoft Forms

  • Created Automation logics to Validate and get approval from the Manager and create an SCP DB User

  • Then forwarded the Microsoft Forms to my colleagues. ?

Here is the Architecture followed:



Here is the Git Snippet: Automate SCP User ID Creation by Azure Power Automate

Tools Used: 

  • Microsoft Forms

  • Power Automate



STEP1: Created Microsoft Forms as below:

Microsoft Forms


STEP2: Created Flow in Power Automate:

Flow in Power Automate


STEP3: Created XSJS Code in SCP Neo DB. Along with that added some roles and tables to track the userIDs.


STEP4: Call the XSJS code from the HTTP Post in Power Automate.

STEP5: Test it..

STEP6: Pass it(the Microsoft Form link to the respective users).

STEP7: That's it.


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