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Would like to share our learning experiences from our recent successful completion of BOBJ 4.2 SP7 applications Azure Cloud Migrations.

Pre-Requisites :

You need to prepare the architecture diagram of BOBJ which includes inbound interfaces and Downstream applications along with Servers what is there in on-premises.

Architecture should be considered based on the Azure Region wise irrespective of Resource groups, subnets, and application gateway.

Sample Architecture :


Always go for best approach in azure cloud instead of replicating same as on-premise in Azure.
Example -> frontend subnet and backend subnet is main core of the architecture so go for separate web tier and based on that choose the frontend subnet. since if you go for apache load balancer on application gateway then this frontend subnet will reside separately to provide better performance.

NSG(Network Security Groups) Rules its nothing but firewall port openings between on-premise systems and Azure Systems:-

Inbound Rule (IB) and Outbound Rule(OB) needs to be considered properly as part of entire BOBJ architectures.

Example -> for Filestore mapping ANF path. We need to have both IB and OB Rules to be opened.

Also BOBJ applications we need to open both servers system ports along with that Client Tools as well. usually we open ports for BOBJ as 6400 but as best process we need to open port ranges from 6000 to 6600 in order to avoid port blocks for clustering and Connectivity.

for Azure Regions of production and non production we need to allow cross regions in order to make Content migrations from DEV to QA and QA to PROD.

Ports for some important applications needs to be considered.

Tomcat - 8080, 8443

BOBJ - 6000 - 6600

Filestore - 445 , 139

FTP -  20, 21, 22 and 23

SMTP - 25, 587

SSO Policy Servers - 44441, 44442, and 44443

Apache to Application gateway - 58598

Post the NSG if you face the issues for content migrations from onpremise to Azure then please follow the steps to resolve the issues:-

Error Message :

While doing Content Migrations via PMW tool or PM Tool, if the Null pointer error occurs then please follow the below steps:

Solution :

Refer SAP KBA as well.

You need to apply manual port number for the following servers in Onpremise and Azure System to open up connections.



Adaptive Job Server

Adaptive Processing Servers

Please consider the performance improvement guidance as part of the Apache and tomcat Load balancer side in case you face any performance issues:-

Step 1:

We need to consider the Idle Timeout settings increase from the default values to 2700 seconds in Azure application gateway in order to make better performance.

Step 2:

Idle Timeout needs to be increased from 5 mins to 30 mins in Tomcat LB Timeout Settings.

Note : Please follow the best practices for application gateway and Load balancer in order to make effective performance in Azure.

Post this steps you will be able to run the long running reports successfully.


Vigneshwaran Balasubramanian
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