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AWS migration in a broader context- 6 Rs and CAF:

REFERENCE: AWS migration guide

To help AWS customers conceptualize and understand AWS migrations in general, AWS has developed two major guidelines: 6 Rs and CAF.


1.6 Rs Framework

The 6 Rs migration strategy helps us understand and prioritize portfolio and application discovery, planning, change management, and the technical processes involved in migrating our applications to AWS.

The 6 Rs represent six strategies listed in the following table that help us plan for our application migrations.

"R" migration strategy Methodology
Rehosting The application is migrated as is to AWS. This is also called a “lift-and-shift” approach.
Replatforming The application is changed or transformed in some aspect as part of its migration to AWS
Repurchasing You move to a different application or solution on the cloud
Refactoring / Re‑architecting The application is redesigned (for example, it’s converted from a monolithic architecture
to microservices) as part of the migration to AWS.
Retiring The application is retired during migration to AWS.
Retaining The application isn’t migrated.

The decision tree diagram below will help us visualize the end-to-end process, starting from application discovery and moving through each 6 R strategy.

The two strategies that are specifically applicable for SAP HANA migrations to AWS are rehosting and replatforming.

-Rehosting is applicable when you want to move your SAP HANA system as is to AWS. This type of migration involves minimal change and can be seen as a natural fit for customers who are already running some sort of SAP HANA system.

-Replatforming is applicable when you want to migrate from an anyDB source database (such as IBM DB2, Oracle Database, or SQL Server) to an SAP HANA database.

2.AWS CAF Framework

The second guideline is the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). The AWS CAF breaks down the complex process of planning a move to the cloud into manageable pieces called perspectives. Perspectives represent essential areas of focus that span people, processes, and technology. Capabilities within each perspective identify the areas of your organization that require attention. From this information, you can build an action plan organized into prescriptive work streams that support a successful cloud journey.







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