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First of all, I am happy that SAP changed the trial duration for SCP from 30 to 365 days for SCP, after the discussion here on SAP Community in the infamous blog post Are You There, SAP? It’s Us, Developers.

During a #SAPTechEd session yesterday juergen.mueller announced, that there will be a free tier next year - awesome 🙂

I also checked out the session Custom Code Adaptation for SAP S/4HANA [DT104] from olga.dolinskaja. Unfortunately, I learned that there will be no possibility to use the SAP Fiori app Custom Code Migration on SCP for free. 😞

Considering that there a lot of free transition programs like "Adoption starter" and "S/4HANA Movement" it is really a pity, that there is no dedicated usage scenario for SCP in regards to the transition to S/4HANA without the necessity of having an SCP license. I would be happy if SAP finds a way to make the Custom Code Migration app available free of charge...and maybe in the future, there will be evn more tools on SCP which could make the transition to S/4HANA easier... 😉


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