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This  blog is part 2 of 2 in this series  of  Automating SAP Installation in minutes, refer the part 1 of this blog for the prerequisite to get started.


This article provides detailed steps and commands required  to get an EC2 instance provisioned, with the 'XFS' file system built automatically  with a successfully SAP HANA DB installation in AWS.


Step 1: Create a “” and with necessary attributes as mentioned in the part 1 of this blog (refer the links above), got to AWS-CLI with terraform configuration pointing to the selected region with your AWS access keys and initiate the terrfarom with the below command.

Command: terraform init

Figure 1: Initializing terraform


Step 2: We are validating the configuration for a final time for any errors before we can confirm the resource creation in the selected AWS regions.

Command: terraform validate & terraform apply

Figure 2: Validating and applying the configuration


Step 3: The timestamp has been captured before confirming the resource creation and at the
AWS CLI typing “yes” @ localtime 02:06:36 pm aka(14:06:36)
Figure 3: Confirming the creation and capturing local time


Step 4: Verify the availability of created server through AWS console and login into the host.
Figure 4: AWS Console


Step 5:  Verifying the file system & uptime of the EC2 host

Figure 5: EC2 instance File system & uptime


Step 6: Verifying the time stamp of HANA DB installation (hdbinst.log) and the time captured includes the EC2 installation, File System Setup and HANA DB installation.

HDB Installation Start time: 02:06:36 pm aka (14:06:36)

HDB Installation End Time: 02:14:25 pm aka (14:14:25)

Figure 6: HANA DB Installation log


Step 7: Finally connect to the HANA DB instance through HANA studio by providing the public IP.

Figure 7: HANA Studio

Figure 8: HDB Info


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SAP HANA Academy

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Kindly share your feedback and ways to improve the scripts.
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