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Yes, that's right, automatically updating a system after a product upgrade is possible in SAP Solution Manager since a while now. Unfortunately many customers do not yet have this in place and are still doing everything manually where some automation is possible (not saying it's perfect in other words but the automation can help reduce efforts).

So here goes a small blogs post to hopefully inform more customers, partners, community members that this option exists.

I'm talking about the customizing that can be set in SAP Solution Manager by following the instructions of SAP NOTE 1832868 - Automatic Managed System Adjustment after Product Upgrade

An example:

You've got ERP 6 EHP6 and you update it to ERP 6 EPH7. If your system is well maintained and you don't run into an exception which is not covered (see SAP NOTE 1832868 mentioned above), the LMDB will automatically update the system so it's reflected that it has been updated to EHP7.

Figure out what went wrong

To figure out what went wrong when it doesn't work, you'll need to check the job log of SAP_LMDB_NOTIFY_LDB*

If you don't see much detail in there, you might not yet have SAP NOTE 2211344 - Enhancement of the SAP_LMDB_NOTIFY_LDB job log by detailed error descriptions

CR Content consistency (important)

One of the most common reasons why it would not work are CR content inconsistencies so to avoid those, you should read this blog post  by SAP Mentor matt.fraser so you know how to check the content so you can keep it consistent.

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