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In this blog would describe managing the SAP Adaptive Extension Installation using SAP Landscape Management

You install, downgrade, or upgrade SAP Adaptive Extensions using the enterprise edition of SAP Landscape Management.


  • Download the SAPACEXT.SAR files from SAP Support Portal

Support Packages and Patches-> By Category -> SAP Technology-> Components -> SAP ADAPTIVE EXTENSIONS.


  • If your operating system is supported by the kernel 721_EXT, or you want to perform cloud storage operations on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, download version SAP ADAPTIVE EXTENSION 1.0 EXT.

  • Save the archives on a share that is accessible by all relevant hosts

  • For managing SAP Adaptive Extensions using the enterprise edition of SAP Landscape Management, the folder structure must be set up as follows:


  • You have installed the latest version of SAP Host Agent.


  • Create the repository configuration

  1. Logon to the SAP LaMa portal

Logon to LaMa portal: http://<hostname>:52000/lama/index.html


  1. Choose -> Infrastructure -> Repositories

  1. Choose Configuration -> Add Configuration

  1. Select SAP Adaptive Extensions Configuration from the drop down.

Select Next.


  1. Enter Basic Properties

NAME                               SAP Adaptive Extensions Patch 46

ACEXT Version                7.21-46  (version-patch No)

OS Type                            AIX (select from dropdown menu)

OS Arch              Select PPC from dropdown


  1. Select next

  2. Enter root folder of installation DVD properties

  1. Click save

  • Adapt Host Configuration

  1. Select Configuration -> Hosts

  1. Select the repository created in previous step.

Select Save.


Check current version of SAP Adaptive Extension.

  1. Select Configuration -> Hosts

  2. Check version of SAPACEXT – patch 41 is currently installed



  • Perform the update of the SAP Adaptive Agent.


  1. Select operations and Maintenance -> Operations

     2.  Select Hosts tab

Select Mass Operations -> other -> Upgrade Sapacext

  1. Select execute

  • Check status of the update

  1. Select Monitoring -> Activities



  • Check new version of SAP Adaptive Extension installed.

  1. Select Configuration -> Hosts


Click retrieve version

  1. New version is patch 46 is retrieved



Updating SAP Adaptive Extension on multiple hosts

Use same repository as previously, we can update SAP Adaptive Extension on multiple hosts.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope, I can provide some useful information here. Please feel free to send me your questions or comments.

Thanks and Regards,


(Vaibhav Srivastava)
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