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Preread : Quick context to this blog - Read Here
Update : The Migration suite is now available on SAP Store. Feel free to check out the listing here.
Listen to the OpenSAP Podcast where we discuss integration, migration, automation, AI and more with SAP colleagues Thomas Madsen and Karl Bergström here

In continuation of our objective of helping customers significantly lower their 'Total Cost of Migration', the migration suite has undergone several feature updates in the recent months. While SAP PI/SAP PO to Integration suite is now a fully matured solution, our focus was to help drive the objective of landscape consolidation, and bring in popular Non SAP middleware solutions as a source for the migration to Integration suite.

Over time, enterprises inherit several platforms in their integration estate. Some come as part of M&As, others part of business units that have now been merged internally, and some were put in place considering specific needs in the past, for example, a system for managing EDI, another for File transfers, and say other for event based processing.

With modern iPaaSs like SAP Integration Suite now transforming the core integration capabilities for enterprises, increasingly customers are becoming aware of the large legacy that they are continuing to have to maintain and keep alive. In some of our discussions, it was quite surprising to understand the costs that accumulate in recurring licenses, specific skills and teams that are needed to keep the lights on including the unavoidable CAPEX and OPEX spends in retaining legacy integration systems.

Most customer we interact with are clear on the benefits of consolidating the integration landscape. But yet there is a reluctance - simply because integration migration or transformations are never really that easy. This means costs, efforts across business units, developing documentations that were never really put up in the past, understanding dependencies etc to say the least.

This is where now the extended capabilities of our migration suite comes in handy.

Complimenting some of the tools provided by SAP, our framework incorporates a series of tools and accelerators in the larger integration context. The summary below will help understand some of the key differentiators.

With the fully automated approach on SAP PI and SAP PO, we are able to help customers save upto 70% of migration costs. Extending the solution to also facilitate automated discovery and accelerated migration of popular legacy middleware platforms like Webmethods, it is another step closer to helping customers in their migration journey. Customers can save 40% and more of the migration cost for Non SAP platforms via the automated discovery and accelerated migration to SAP IS.

Screenshot 2024-03-18 133126.png

With the tool now also embedded with AI capabilities, the accuracy of automation has seen a significant increase. The migration tool along with several other accelerators mentioned above becomes a comprehensive integration solutions framework for our customers to drive faster RoI while keeping costs under control.

Automation Factor / Effort Savings Benchmark (As of Q4 2023)
a. PI/PO to SAP IS : 50-70%
b. Webmethods to SAP IS : 35-50%
c. Mulesoft to SAP IS : 40-60%

As large enterprises choose to have multiple integration platforms as part of their long term strategy, we have observed an overwhelming number of such landscapes having the combination of SAP Integration Suite and Azure Integration in their integration architecture. To support such customer landscapes, the automation tool can also cater to Azure integration as a target platform for migration.

If you would like to know more, or want to experience a demo of our solution, feel free to connect with me at and we will take forward the conversation. For any feedback and suggestions, please drop a comment on this blog post. 

Read more about iVolve, a comprehensive approach that embraces Accelerators, Frameworks, AI and Automation for integration platforming here.

Q1. What are the current supported scenarios that the automation framework caters to?
Summary of source / legacy integration platforms supported as part of automated migration including discovery currently in the solution [as of Oct 2023] includes;
  • SAP Process Integration
  • SAP Process Orchestration
  • Webmethods
  • Mulesoft
  • Roadmap - Boomi and Biztalk as a Source [Q1/Q2 2024]

Q2. How does this solution differentiate itself from other offerings or tools?

The migration offering is a combination of several tools and accelerators that is coming together to help customers drive the total cost of migration down significantly.

While SAP’s tools currently are focused on helping customer move from SAP PI/PO to SAP IS, our solution offering extends beyond SAP to also include migration of Non SAP integration platforms.

For customers looking at specifically PI/PO to SAP IS, our solution complements SAP’s own tools, and further extending them to cover several key aspects of migration including the operations of the future live target platform.


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