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Routine ingestion of financial models into a data lake unlocks countless advanced analytics opportunities. Anaplan is a leading planning, consolidation, and forecasting solution. By using Anaplan’s RESTful API in combination with a scheduled ETL batch job, budgeting efforts can be leveraged for additional insights.

Follow the steps below to understand an automation of Anaplan Exports via SAP Data Services.


1.) Establish an Export Action in Anaplan

By creating an Export Action, a third party tool can call the event to perform a flat file export. In this circumstance, the third party application will be IBM’s Sterling B2B Integrator. Navigate to Model > Data > Export > (Check) Save Export Definition. View the Action.


2.) Utilize Google Chrome Postman to Identify Export Action Credentials

To integrate the Export Action with B2B Integrator, we need to locate the workspace ID, model ID, file ID, and action ID. To do this, we can use a free Google Chrome application called Postman.

Your Anaplan user ID and password are used to access the API workspaces. After listing the available workspaces, step down each level by sequencing the chaining parameters. An example of the full script structure is as follows:


For assistance with this step, please visit the Anaplan API Guide and Reference:


3.) Consume the Export Credentials in IBM B2B Integrator

  • (a) Create step to establish Anaplan connection


  • (b) Create step to establish targeted file path


4.) Schedule the Export in IBM B2B Integrator


5.) Develop SAP Data Services Batch Job

Import a new flat file with the file name set to the csv and root directory set to the shared file path.


6.) Schedule Batch Job in SAP Data Services Management Studio



Callan Loberg is an Associate Consultant with TekLink International

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