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Easy migration to the cloud

When Int4 took a part in a #Hack2Build initiative from SAP Co-Innovation Lab - here  the main idea was to extend our best in class proven Low Code/No Code, Citizen automation, SAP API testing solution - Int4 IFTT which is used by many global companies to test and virtualize SAP interfaces (SAP PO, SAP IS, SAP S/4HANA) with the functionality to automate the migration process itself. As a result of this journey we came up with a new edition of Int4 Shield called - iPaaS migration edition.

What is Int4 Shield - iPaaS migration edition?

Int4 Shield iPaaS migration edition is made of two main components where both of them are crucial in the SAP PO to SAP IS migration journey.

a) SAP PO to SAP IS regression testing - Int4 Shield iPaaS migration edition allows you to take messages from the SAP PO systems (in most cases production landscape) and rerun them on SAP IS to make sure the migration was done in the flawless way. This is one of the most important functions which allows eliminating the need of using functional consultants and business users to test this migration in a manual way, what, from our experience, is the main blocker for those migration programs. Details of that function are shown in Unit 3: SAP PI/PO to SAP CPI Migrations - Week 2 of our openSAP course - Virtualize and Automate Your SAP Testing Using Int4 IFTT 


b) SAP PO to SAP IS automated migration - Int4 Shield iPaaS migration edition allows
automated migration of many SAP PO ICOs to SAP IS iflows. Due to the fact of differences
between SAP PO and SAP IS not all ICOs can be automatically migrated but many of them can
and together with the automated regression testing functionality this can speed up those migration programs in a significant way.

What are other core functions?

a) Migration Scope Management (MSM) - this function allows us to verify which ICOs can be migrated in an automated way and where we might need to do some manual activities



b) Pre-Build Alternative suggestions - in case your ICO can be replaced with a standard SAP IS packaged flow you can see it with this function

c) Business-relevant Test Case Extractor (BTE) - test cases downloaded from SAP PO will be available for SAP IS testing

d) Migration status overview (MSO) - shows us which steps are being performed and which are still missing to move the ICO from SAP PO to an iflow in SAP IS

e) Migration and Test Reports (MTR) - all migrations and test case runs are stored in Int4 IFTT and can be used for verification purposes

How does it work?

Please have a look at our demo:


Where can I find more information on Int4 Shield and SAP middleware migration projects:

a) openSAP course on this topic: Virtualize and Automate Your SAP Testing Using Int4 IFTT 

b) SAP PRESS book on SAP PO to SAP IS migrations: Testing SAP APIs: Strategy and Execution 

Where to get Int4 IFTT iPaaS migration edition and give it a try?

You can get Int4 Shield iPaaS migration edition directly from SAP Store or you can get in touch with us at


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